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  • jmsjr "jmsjr" - A fine upgradeI wasn't sure what to expect when I decided to upgrade to Windows 8 (I always have to keep software updated - it's a sickness with me). I had heard a lot about how different it was and how there would not be 'Start' button on the task bar so I was nervous but decided to give it a try. The update process was smooth and easy. There are some conflicts with one or two programs installed on my desktop, but nothing that can't be updated.
  • Tommy - Great ProductA product that work, since doctors are no help. Believe it or not, it have fixed my problem. I am very satisfied. I will used it again, if needed
  • KeViiNJAi - lots of spacei bought the medium about a month ago and it seemed really big at first b.c. i have a Sony NEX-5 which is a micro four thirds camera body. i have a bunch of other lens but i need to make sure the camera does not move around. its great that u can rearrange the foam pads to the way u like.

    i can take out the camera section when im not out taking pictures so its just a regular messenger bag. the camera section is easy to remove and easy to store. i just zip it up and leave it under my desk until next time.

    the bag itself can hold a lot of things. i bring it to my volleyball practices and i can easily put in a volleyball, a pair of sz9 sneakers, uniform and kneepads.

    i dont use the front pockets much but the clear pocket is good for memory cards and ID's. i cannot put a lot of things in the pockets b.c. they are on top of each other like the slots in your wallet. the tripod straps are just loops which is very inconvenient when taking it out. the tripod also swings back and forth while you are walking which feels like its about to fall but the straps are sturdy and will keep ur tripod safe. i use a carbon fiber tripod so its light, i also have a steel tripod but have not put it on my messenger yet.

    hope this helps, enjoy your Timbuk2 Snoop Camera Messenger Bag as much as i do :)
  • Denis Vukosav - Great wisdom to help you start or change your career...I heard several times about "What Color is Your Parachute", often called the world's most popular book for job seekers but not until few weeks ago when I bought it I didn't had chance to thumb it through.

    Due to that I cannot compare it to earlier editions (although author himself said that this edition is very different from the previous ones) but I can tell you that inside can be found some good information for all those who are seeking new job, starting new or changing current career but also for those job hunters in pursuit for the new star.

    Although this book in intended for US job market, most of the given advices are applicable worldwide. The reader will be able to learn lot about reading or writing resumes, social media and networking and which are crucial these days, proper ways of interviewing or what should (not) be said if you are interviewed, how to negotiate your salary, career counselors, entrepreneurship and much more. The Book will help reader to learn what his real interests are, where she/he wants to work, the environment and people reader enjoy the most. Of course, it would be too much to say that using this book you'll get all the answers but for sure you'll be able to see in which areas considering your job you are not doing well or what can be improved in order to get raise or new job...

    It is evident that Richard N. Bolles is career expert and it wasn't surprise for me to see that this is his forty-first book with the same name. Book is written in a friendly style and it is easy to read. What is book great characteristic is freshness of information and although I didn't read previous editions for this one everything seems up-to-date (e.g. webpage links) what he admits saying that he rewrites his book every year.

    What I found it most interesting was self-assessment tool called the Flower Exercise which is by author statement updated for this edition. Using it everyone can determine what type of work would be most appropriate for you. It's called flower because its set of questions which would help in search for most suitable career resembles the flower petals. The book part about unemployment was also interesting because reader can learn that positive side of it also exists. For me, this book confirmed most of my skills and interests but also helped me getting some interesting conclusions about directions my career should go onwards.

    If you are looking for one book which contains enough wisdom to help you start or change your career "What Color is Your Parachute" would be my recommendation.
    It would help you find lot about yourself and job that would come closest to the one you can call perfect.