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  • Thomas D. Moran "Tom" - Well worth the moneyIt is not the newest design but it works like a champ. What is especially neat is the optional keyboard is a battery, greatly extending the life of the tablet. You cannot get internet access by cell phone as an option and it needs Wifi.
    The only down side is that for some reason the browser doesn't like certain web pages like The Daily Beast and it will just shut itself down.
    And, strangely, the tablet is so thin it is hard to get a case for it. There is a specially designed case for use with the tablet and also the keyboard. It's worth the money.
    Given the reduced costs, it's a good buy but you should get the optional keyboard and case.
  • david metzger - Great drawing programI can't recommend this more for anyone with a tablet that likes to draw. It is a great program that work very well.
  • L. Johnson - Highly recommendedTo be honest, I bought this book because Reza Aslan was treated so horribly by Fox News. I wanted to spite Fox and show some small level of support for Mr. Aslan. I never would have bought this book otherwise as I don't typically read books about religion.

    Since I bought the book, I decided to go ahead and give it a try. Zealot is a fascinating and comprehensive analysis of the life and times of the historical figure, Jesus of Nazareth, using a broad set of available historical evidence. I found myself most interested in the descriptions of the broader social, economic and political context within which Jesus of Nazareth and his followers operated. Earlier this year I read a book on Cleopatra and another book on the Roman Empire, so Zealot fit in nicely with what I have been learning about the ancient Mediterranean region over the past six months or so.

    I would highly recommend this book to anyone with a historical interest in the ancient Mediterranean region, anti-occupation movements, religious movements, or Christianity & Judaism.

    Fair warning: this book will be a troubling read for anyone who interprets the Bible literally. Mr. Aslan parses out the various sources for New Testament books of the Bible to assess which characterizations of Jesus may relate to the historical figure and which characterizations of Jesus may stem from the early Church's evolving understandings of Jesus Christ, the religious figure.
  • MLR "MrsRoto1021" - 3 year old loves itI haven't personally used this product but my three-year-old son loves it! The pre-programmed activities are very interactive and the game we purchased has kept him busy for months now! I do wish it could be charged. The adapter that comes with it is for wall-plug use, not for charging, and since we primarily use this as a potty-training reward, keeping it plugged in is a safety hazard. With reasonable use, though, we aren't changing batteries TOO often, maybe every couple of weeks. But for the price, it was definitely a good purchase!
  • Fred Runkel - Toward an environment of honesty and trust.I am not an investor, but I am concerned about the increasingly cynical culture I live in. Like many others, I suspect that predatory and misleading business practices are an important part of what seems like an erosion of trustworthiness and authenticity in our culture, but I feel rather ill-equiped to understand it.

    When I heard about work done by Rittenhouse Rankings that established a convincing correlation between executive candor, as expressed in shareholder letters, and corporate performance, I was intrigued. I read Investing Between the Lines to learn more.

    This book did not disappoint. That rigorous linguistic analysis of executive communications can help an investor anticipate market performance is exciting, to say the least. In detailed case studies, Rittenhouse shows how this works. She demonstrates how studying the language of CEO's can reveal much about corporate values and effectiveness, and how "the ratio of facts to fluff is an important indicator of financial integrity and shareholder value."

    Rittenhouse teaches how to evaluate executive language, and shows how leaders who mislead others by spinning facts and omitting important details eventually mislead themselves and find that execution of business strategy suffers.

    I want to live in an environment of honesty and trust, where we honor our word and our words.
    In addition to being an invaluable guide to investors, this book provides me a renewed sense of optimism regarding the positive role that corporations and their shareholders can play in contributing to this kind of world.