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  • cordyceps - excellent adviceMy grandfather spoke fondly of this book, and while it was many years before I would lay hands on a copy, I learned a great deal from his vivid stories, and longed to put those lessons into practice.

    When the day came that I was crossing a meadow and an enormous, mean-looking Devon Longwool ram started staring me down I knew exactly what to do. The instant he launched himself at me I hauled out my flare gun and sent up a red starburst. You should have seen the look on that ram's face as he turned tail and bolted! A few days later I was crossing the same meadow and no fewer than three monstrous Spanish Merinos jumped me, and it just had to be the day I left my flare gun at home! Thinking fast, I whipped off my scarf and semaphored a warning. While they stood there blinking, I reversed course and fled with the wind at my stern. For a tense moment I feared capsizing, then I was safely over the fence.

    Imagine my surprise, then, when I received a copy of Mr. Trimmer's book as a gift. What were all these pictures of oil tankers and freighters doing there? And not a single word about Hampshires, Pomeranian Coarsewools or Tyrolean Mountains. The light slowly dawned on me: could this all be a big misunderstanding owing to my grandfather's thick Slovenian accent? I had always put down his talk of "sheeps" as a quaint solecism. Now it seems so obvious, since my grandfather was a lobster fisherman by trade, and I never could figure out how he came by such an intimate knowledge of sheep herding.

    Well, let's just say that Mr. Trimmer's advice comes in equally handy when trying to avoid huge livestock and large oceangoing vessels. Five stars for a well-written guide.
  • JenDett - Took my hair from sort of wavy to semi-curlyThe nutshell: I loved it. Read further for more detail.

    The long story: I have always worn my hair "straight" - meaning I have blown dry with a round brush, flat ironed, siliconed the heck out of it all in an effort to make my hair into the shiny, sleek locks from the shampoo commercials. I always got hair that looked dull, wouldn't stay straight, and looked dead and damaged. One afternoon I had to rush out without drying my hair, and it airdryed. It turned out pretty wavy/curly, but not anything that I would *want* it to do. I was stuck with "in between" hair, that was neither straight nor curly. I thought maybe I needed those $300 Keratin straightening treatments to make my hair look better. While researching those, I discovered there was a whole other philosophy of hair care - the "Curly Girl" method, and that many who had followed this method had taken their hair from straight to wavy/curly.

    I have been experimenting with the Curly Girl method for about 2 months, using drugstore items. I thought that you could get the same results from less expensive brands. I had very little success. I was just about to punt on the whole thing and bring my flat iron back out, but decided to give the "expensive" products a try before doing so.

    This stuff was amazing. It gave my hair just the right amount of moisture - allowing it to curl frizz free, but without weighing it down. My hair was soft, my curls were defined. It allowed easy detangling in the shower. My hair looked great. I went from straight hair, to hair that would be called more curly than wavy. All of the crappy ingredients in the other products were the problem - not my hair. This conditioner has the ingredients that will heal your hair for the long term. I can't wait to see how it looks after a month or two of using this. Very, very pleased.
  • N. Allen - Great little guideHave purchased many different books/apps to use for quick reference for clinicals as a 2nd yr nursing student. This is by far the best for what I need. The book is so compact to fit nicely in scrubs, while containing the important nursing implications for each drug.

    Just wish I would have bought this book when I first started in the nursing program. I would highly recommend this!!!!