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  • Lori Ann - Beautiful and Inspiring Young Lady!This book tells the details of Elizabeth Smart's abduction, and ultimate reunion with her family. But it does much more than that. Through her own words, we see that she has overcome horrific circumstances and emerged as a confident woman. She has retained her faith, and her love for life, and has chosen to use her story to minister to and encourage others. Such an inspiration! My favorite quote:

    "As of this writing, I am twenty-five years old. I have been alive for 307 months. Nine of those months were pretty terrible. But 298 of those months have been very good. I have been happy...even if I died tomorrow, nine out of 307 seems like pretty good odds."

    Not sure how many of us could retain such a positive outlook after living through so much! But as one of thousands who prayed for her during her abduction, I was blessed and inspired to see that she has not allowed this chapter to define her. We are still rooting for you, Elizabeth and praying that you have many long and happy years!
  • M. Larsen "GadgetGirl" - Apple eaterI waited for 2 months for this tablet, and it was worth the wait. Screen is amazing, ICS is very zippy. The tablet is very thin, light, and attractive. I hate to put it in a case. I cannot wait to get the keyboard.
  • Rodger Vickers - Great and reasonably priced1st - Caphalon is excellent quality.

    I don't ever remember baking a cake b4, but the first time it was perfect. the cakes slid out easily. I made another a few days later since my roomate loved it, and was told to make a red velvet next time (I'll try). The cookie pan is great for homemade potato chips (just put a thin layer of oil and cook on 350 - flip after 15-20 min to desired crispness) as well as biscuits and rolls. The deeper cook pan has been fantastic for low fat specialty burgers, pork chops and even a few steaks cooked real slow.The meatloaf pan hasn't been used yet, but meatloaf is planned for this week. The muffin pan is also on the list in the next couple days. I have blue berry mix, but I want to make chocolate brownie muffins first. I use one or more of these almost every day that I cook. Clean up is rarely more than rinsing with warm water and wiping dry with a paper towel.
  • FairyHousesInc - best fairy house construction device availablei love this tool! i have found it very convenient in my profession (advanced technology fairy mansion contractor). I have used it for many purposes including cutting rolls of grass to form little rounds for building stairs, couch cushions, fancy Roman pillars, and more. It also cuts stacks of leaves into even strips to use as roof shingles or tiles for the bathroom. The fairies will definitely enjoy the symmetrical and precise interior design.
  • M. Hurwitz "Earth Monkey Reader" - Good, and the sequels are even better.I borrowed the original from a friend and worked with it a couple of years ago. I bought the tenth anniversary edition because this year I was determined to get beyond my midlife crisis and I couldn't find this book in the library. Of course I saw the related titles in, and looked them up. I kind of wish Amazon and other online stores had a discreet way of indicating the order of the titles in a series. I immediately gravitated to Vein of Gold, and started to use it, but now I am in a class that is based on Walking This World. I can't do both at the same time, so I'm concentrating on the class. Artist's Way is an excellent introduction.