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  • N. E. Haymon - EXCELLENT CONTEMPORARY GOSPEL SELECTIONS!The producers at Verity did an excellent job this time around with the selections. If it were up to me I would have chosen Kirk Franklin's 'I Smile" and Forever Jones' 'He Wants It All'. I am still very pleased with the songs that are on these two cds!

    You'll have a very good time praising God with these songs! It's a nice cd to have if you want a good mix of what was TRULY popular in 2011.

  • Sendak Seuss "PTK" - It keeps my wife happyMy wife works in a medical environment - seeing several patients a day. She doesn't get breaks to eat and doesn't like touching food at work so she carries a smoothie with her to drink throughout the day. This keeps her fed well, she loves it. I don't drink the stuff, but love it if it keeps her happy.
  • Bharat K. Patel - Very useful tablet.The Kindle Fire HD is a very useful tablet. It came with a very reasonable price. It allows you to use internet, listen to music, etc. My Kindle has very fast internet speed, and allows a inner camera to video chat friends and family. Costumer service helps us very often when we have problems with our tablet. It is fast, and they are reliable.

    The Patel Family.