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  • star wars mom - best advent calendar everMy son, a diehard Star Wars fan, loves this advent calendar. Each day he cannot wait to open up his new Lego surprise. There are many characters that he has always wanted but couldn't get any other way. He is so excited to see what's next in each individual compartment. Instead of useless candy, this is a gift he can actually play with and enjoy!
  • ValtheRed - Husband loves it!I purchase all the tech at my house. When my husband wanted an IPad, I told him no, this was much better than the IPad 2 in my opinion. This tablet is so clear and has a better battery life, CPU, and more storage than the IPad 2. Even the new IPad 3 is not as good as this one, to me. I cannot be happier with how games, email, and note-taking are so easy for my husband to do on this tablet. It is really great to find a product which is less expensive and better than a similar product. This tablet allows my husband to leave his heavy graphics-intensive ASUS computer at home on days when he doesn't need it, but still be able to access the Internet and do work, research, and play games! I am even thinking about purchasing one of these for my teenage son, that's how much I like this tablet!
  • Bill P "TI Sailor" - Very Pleased!I got these on a Daily Deal a few weeks ago and I've really liked them. Although I only needed 3 handsets, having the extra 2 as backups is great. I love the Call Block feature, especially the 250 numbers allowed. I also like the fact I can set Call Blocked numbers to not even ring, and how easy it is to send a new number to that list. Not so easy is to do so after the first call. The menu system doesn't make it easy to get to the feature, e.g., you must hit the "Menu" button and then enter a code (#217). Nonetheless, it's painless after that. I also really like the fact the date/time is set on all devices when you program on any one of them. The same is true for other databases, like Phonebook and Call Block. My previous AT&T phone set required programming each device, including the base, individually. I might also add the Panasonic's talk time is much longer than AT&T's, and I expect Standby is the same. While I don't believe this set links to smart phones, with so many handsets available I haven't found that to be an issue since I don't plan to get rid of my landline service (digital service bundled with cable & internet).

    All in all, I'm extremely pleased.
  • C. A. Boswell - McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2011This review is for McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2011. I was extremely pleased with the quality of this antivirus software product. Not only was the installation a breeze, I was delighted to see that no "bloat-ware" or undesirable software was installed at the same time as the main antivirus program. McAfee has protected my computer from threats for several months now. Furthermore, my computer seems to run just as quickly as it did before installation, which is an important criterion in selected an antivirus product. Overall, I highly recommend McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2011 for anyone in the market for virus protection software for PC.