A quick guide to the most common drugs sold on the Internet. - A quick guide to the most common drugs sold on the Internet.

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  • Benni "Ben" - Very enjoyable readThe characters are so real with relationships you can imagine you would find in a small town. I love the stories are shared with so many of these characters. There is some suffering, happiness, unexpected events, interesting histories, love and friendships. I cannot wait to read the next book.
  • BC "BC" - Prescription Drug ReferenceThe PDR is an indispensable reference if detailed drug information is needed. This product is very helpful if prescription medications are taken for acute or chronic medical conditions and you need to research the drugs your doctor is recommending. The information provided is detailed and thorough. I purchase updated PDRs as needed to keep up with medical advances.
  • michaela - From an older womanI was skeptical at first because I figured the advice would be geared towards younger women. At 47, I'm back in the dating world after a 20 year marriage. I found the advice offered by Matthew to be the kick in the butt I need. I've read the book through once already, and now am going back to the beginning to take notes. After a rough 20 year marriage, low self-esteem was really a big issue for me and I didn't really think much about how it related to my ability to meet men. Matthew's advice is the reinforcement I need.
  • Richard - Yet another reviewI bought this book to support Athol as I really enjoy his website. I had it sitting for a few days until I could find some reading time. Well my wife was intrigued by the cover and began reading. She came to me with a very positive response - she said it covered exactly why our marriage was failing a while back and that it made her realize why we acted like we did. Amusingly, she said Athol sounded like a jerk in a lot of it, but that she understands his position. In other words, he's PC-free and the truth comes through whether you like it or not. I'm about half way through it right now. So far the best part is that Athol lays out solid reasons for why it is so beneficial to grow yourself as a man and how it will affect your relationships - married or not. I struggle to do things without a purpose. Athol helped me discover the purpose to make the changes I've been needing to make. He's not selling tricks or gimmicks - just a realistic view of the world and a foundation to grow yourself upon. Plus, we all know someone (or some couple) to whom we can give this book to when we're done with it.
  • Lucille - Beautiful Red Mini Plus Coffee MakerI love, love my beautiful red Mini Plus Coffee Maker. As soon as it arrived (came early) I followed the procedures before you brew a cup and made one of my favorite Chai Latte made by Cafe Escapes K-Cup and the produce/directions was so easy to follow and use. The Chai Latte was so yummy too! A must have in every home and at a great price.