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  • LH "Just Ducky!" - Great series but some parts not believableI love this series and have been reading straight through from Outlander to Voyager. Diana Gabaldon has done an heroic job of making her characters so endearing, so multidimensional -- I think about them often the way I think about a friend and feel like I know them; she's made me care about them so much. Her dedication to detail and to layering of each character is a gift.

    The only thing is there are some parts that are not believable:

    * I couldn't believe how easily Claire's daughter, Brianna, accepted the idea of Jamie as her father. I know Roger and Claire presented her with the evidence but what little anger or outrage she showed was short lived. She went from outrage at her mother even suggesting that Claire's first husband, Frank, was not really her father to a giddy declaration of Jamie as "Daddy!" I found it strange that there was very little confusion or anger with her mother at all this news. I guess the story had to move along so the author couldn't linger on this point.

    * Aside from the odd mention of the woman's "courses," I was kind of surprised at the lack of mention at how menstruation was handled, practically, by a woman at this time in history. There's such detail about the way people prepared food, bathed, etc. at that time and was surprised by this omission.

    These are minor flaws for a remarkable series... If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind historical/romantic series, start with Outlander and keep going!
  • N. Martinez "singer" - Doctor Who rocksGreat book for Doctor Who fans, especially with Matt Smith. This book made an excellent Christmas present, with lots of great pictures of characters in soooo many episodes. My daughter loved it.
  • J. Fiest - Highly Recommend!I'd read about the HONY site, ironically, in a United Airlines magazine on a flight out of NYC a few months back. Having only been to NYC twice in my life (2 years in a row), what surprised me the most about being there was how very much I enjoyed the people in the city - just seeing the mass and variety of humanity, then also talking to interested, friendly New Yorkers and visitors, too. For several months I read all of HONY's posts on Facebook; it was great. THEN I ordered the book, not necessarily expecting the "experience" of seeing in a book what I was seeing daily on my FB page to be much different. But, oh, it WAS! The book is just wonderful, expanding the Humans of New York experience greatly. Highly recommend the purchase of this book if you enjoy the human family in all its diversity and depth of experience.
  • Susan Tantillo "Susan" - Lives up to accoladesEsquire's Best book of 2012
    NPR-Fresh Air best Novel of 2012
    Audible and Salon best audio book of 2012
    New York Times Notable Book of the Year
    Washington Post Notable Book of the Year
    Best books of the year: Entertainment Weekly, Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, Seattle Times, The Oregonian, St. Louis Today, Kansas City Star, Goodreads, Hudsons, Barnes and Noble, Amazon (from jesswalter.com)

    Yes, “Beautiful Ruins” lives up to its accolades. Jess Walter spent 15 years -- off and on -- writing this, his sixth novel.

    He takes readers on a complex, non-linear journey spanning more than 50 years from the Cinque Terre to Hollywood to Sandpoint, Idaho. He creates at least a dozen memorable characters and intertwines their lives in complicated layers using different points of view. He even revisits the tumultuous and much-publicized relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton beginning with their work on the incredibly expensive “Cleopatra” filmed in Italy.

    Melding social commentary and occasional humor with descriptions so vivid the reader envisions film sequences, Walter brings home his point…everyone has a dream. Some of us are more successful than others at achieving it. And whether we do often depends on the others in our lives.
  • Wildian "Wildian" - Son LOVES it!This is the 3rd Kindle Fire HD that I've ordered, but this is the first one that wasn't listed as new (I couldn't find one that was because they've been discontinued). I ordered this one because my son's first one (which was new) was stolen and since our younger son had the same exact one, we didn't want to get the newer version and start a fight =) The listing stated that there was a slight imperfection on the reader, but honestly, when I looked, and I looked very carefully, I couldn't find any imperfections on the unit at all. I am crazy happy with this product and (cross your fingers we won't need to) if we ever need another one, I will definitely order it just the same as this one!!!