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  • Deborah A. Cogan "Deb C." - Excellent Journey that lives onThis is the third book of the Diana Gabaldon Outlander and of all the years I have been reading, they are my favorite series. Ms. Gabaldone will keep you in laughter and you will shed plenty of ters and she takes you on a journey with Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser. You will experience alot of history and become a part of what you read. Excellent books and Voyager is one of my favorites
  • M. Williams "MBW" - Great GiftIf you aren't ready to sell your newborn child to buy an ipad, this is a great first step alternative. It gives you the feel of what a tablet is like and has awesome features. There is a benefit of having a prime membership and this Kindle. I have the original and other later versions as I love to read, I bought this for my sister and niece as they like the other features (web, videos, games, etc). I love how it encompasses everything into one tablet.