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  • Michael M - Great new version 2013Just upgraded to version 2013 of Office and great new features make it an awesome upgrade:
    - Skydrive integration
    - Social Integration (if you choose to use it)
    - Fast!
    - Subscription option: Office 365 Home Premium allows me to load the entire office suite on 5 PCs or Macs!
    - Touch support (Windows 8 features!)
    And a huge feature of the subscription option for me - Office on demand. If I'm at a location or someone's office/house without this version, you can stream a copy to use temporarily or use the online version. It's kinda the best of both worlds, online and offline features, so not tied to internet access. Other little feature keep cropping up all the time (like clipart and creative commons free internet search for graphics to use!).
    If you are on an older version, definitely worth upgrading - they even have a Try option on the site to check it out first.
  • jlo5616 - Valuable scientifically-based advice on how to swallow step #3I have not had any real negative side effects and I managed to get my weight back down to my usual after a visit back East (-5lbs). Before the cleanse I was a strict vegan and ate mostly organic so that may be why I'm not in any pain with this cleanse! During the cleanse I tried to be a little more restrictive - 100% organic foods, more water (distilled) and more raw foods. I noticed my skin feels softer and I just generally feel better.

    Like other reviewers, I found parts of this cleanse kit nearly unbearable. The after meal capsules are fine, piece of cake. The morning packet is unpleasant - you pour this powder straight into your mouth and swish it around with water. It clumps and sticks to the roof of your mouth, and it doesn't taste great but it's tolerable. The last step is the worst, a green powder you mix with "at least" 12 ounces of water and chug. I read other reviews prior to buying, and they all said this third step tastes like vomit. I assumed they were being babies - the ingredients were all things I've had individually before such as grass juices, chia and flax. Well, I can verify that as other reviewers have stated, this drink literally tastes like straight up vomit. Let me put it this way... the Harry Potter vomit-flavored jelly bean tastes GREAT compared to this drink. It is VERY hard to get down as it is pungent and acidic. After much trial and error, I figured out how to get it down. First have a glass of room temperature water on hand as well as some papaya enzyme tablets (I have GNC brand) or fruit flavored tums. Next mix 1 tsp baking soda with the mix and COLD water, trying to mix as best as possible as any chunks will just further repulse you. Hold your nose from beginning to end and drink as fast as you are comfortable, and don't let go of that nose! After finishing the drink and while still holding your nose, drink the room temperature water and swish it around before you swallow. Still holding your nose, finish it off with two papaya enzyme tablets or fruit Tums. Unplug your nose and you should have absolutely no aftertaste - just fruity papaya enzyme or Tums! It worked perfectly for me, and I can't tell you how happy I am about that. The baking soda and papaya/Tums are basic (high pH) which counteract the acidity of this horrific drink hence removing the "vomit" taste. Please respond to this review if this worked for you!
  • pumpum - Bring Up the BodiesMarvelous! Someone must have commented on Mantel's vague pronouns in Wolf Hall," because she seems to have made a conscious effort to clarify all the pronouns in this sequel. It (the effort) becomes a little intrusive, even though the clarity is welcome.
    Bring up the rest of Henry's wives!
  • Pernette A. Spencer - Hallelujah!I am African-American and have very fine, curly and dry hair. Recently I was experiencing extreme breakage of my hair. I considered cutting off my hair and starting from scratch. My oldest daughter has the same textured hair. I cut her hair due to breakage and split ends. Her hair was originally down to her bottom and I cut it to just under her shoulder blades. I forgot that I even had this product, but found it in my bathroom cabinet. I was contemplating cutting her hair again when I used this product on her. Her hair came out beautifully. It was stronger, thicker, shiny and full of body. I then used the product on myself and experienced the same results. I highly suggest using this product followed my the mosturizer. I also used the Aphogee Shampoo for Damaged hair first. I think the people who are having issues with this are not following the instructions correctly. This is a product that I will continue to use every six weeks. I wish that I has used this before I cut my daughter's hair.
  • Oliver - Not experienced any of the past problems, since I updated to Quicken Premier 2013Used Quicken for years, but then all of a sudden, found several problems with last year's Quicken Premier 2012, including lack of capacity of handling large files flawlessly, probably some kind of software inadequacy? Intuit Tech Support never found and corrected the root of the problem.

    By the way, if anybody at Intuit Technology reads this, these problem never should have happened. After all these years, why try to wreck your own business? One hundred percent reliability, up to date technology, and customers trust the product, surely is the prerequisite of success.

    Hopefully, they have solved the problems, and so far, I have not experienced any of the past problems, since I updated to Quicken Premier 2013.