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  • jigglypuff_of_doom "jigglypuff_of_doom" - Finally here!From the days of Pleasent Company, when there were only three dolls Kirsten, Samantha and Molly, lovers of the American Girls collection have longed from a Native American Girl. But, alas we were forced to wait, until now. The Story of Kaya'aton'my' is one of the most amazing to come out of the American Girl Collection to date. The first story is that of a young girl who is very proud, too proud. Her pride and boasting land her in mess after mess. But in the end she learns from her mistakes.One of Meet Kaya's greatest assest is the research that was put into making an accurate and unique tell. The difference between Kaya's culture and modren american culture is clear from the onset. However, the book does not attemp to lecture the reader about "Brave Indians" instead it takes great care to explain culture differences with dignity and respect. Also, the learning is expectly woven into the fabric of the tale. We learn about everything from disclipine of the youth to courting rituals to the history of when horse were introduced to Kaya's people. This is an ubber quick read for adults, and and a fun and challenging one for the age group it was intended from. It does not lag or suffer from "forced plot" as some of the other American Girl stories do. The plot flows evenly and as smoothly as with any quality book. Additionaly because the plot is so well done, it would definitely appeal to those who are put off by other American Girl books. While the book is largely text there are a number of beatiful high quality illustrations. The style of the arent works well with the text and does a great job of ...well... illustration what is going on. Very stylistic and very well done. All in all this a great book worthy of any library.
  • J. Thomas - The drug book you will want to haveThis book is very clear and easy to read. A need to have for transcriptionists and other medical support staff.
  • C. A. Meadows "business intelligence enthusiast" - Great media center hubI was at first skeptical about Roku, mainly because of content and HD concerns. That all changed with the roku 3. I purchased this about six months ago so I didn't have to use my gaming systems to access my streaming content through Netflix and the like. It also acts as a frontend for plex and other media center applications. There are still a few web apps I would like to have access to (Youtube and Last.fm), but for the most part it's everything I've wanted and barely noticeable in my entertainment setup.