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  • T. Martin - ALMOST better than being there.I have several concert/musicals on BluRay, and this is by far the best of them. The picture is super sharp; it helps that the concert stage was well lit (since, often everything outside a spotlight is dark) and I can see detail the audience probably couldn't. There's a bit of banding that shows up whenever the lights directly hit the camera, but otherwise, it's near perfect.
    The sound is presented in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and sounds much better than quite a few Live recorded CDs I have. It's well balanced for an immersive feel. It's not perfect, but I feel its 'flaws' lend to the feeling of being at a real concert.
    If you like RUSH, you'll love this disc. If you only know Moving Pictures, this will expose you to a few songs you may not be familiar with (and you will be a better person for it).
    Make sure you have your air guitar warmed up and ready; you'll be playing it (even if you never admit to it).
  • Jonathan - Perfect for a filibusterDo you believe in human rights? Do you think a women's health is a matter for her and her doctor and not for aged religious fundamentalists? Then these are the shoes for you! They will carry you through a marathon and a 13-hour filibuster necessary to protect women from the bigotry and religious intolerance in Texas. Highly recommended for progressive feet!
  • Virginia Carroll - It is SO quiet!!The Centrix Q Zone Quiet was exactly that...quiet. I didn't really expect it to actually live up to its billing, but I really love this hair dryer. It does a great job and it's easy to use. Where the buttons are is a little different so it took a little getting used to, but otherwise it is fantastic.
  • smiley - Best stuff everI have always loved to smile, but when I lost some side teeth due to pregnancy and lack of dental insurance, I became very self conscious. After my divorce I really wanted to get them fixed, but didnt have the money, so I started searching the internet, when I ran across the temptooth website, I was intrigued, the answer to my prayers and a price I could totally afford, awesome. When I recived my order, it seemed a little silly, but I got right to work and had a full smile in less than 20 minutes, it was so exciting to be able to smile again without being self conscious. I now have several sets, and my new boyfriend doesn't even know I have any missing teeth at all, in fact he comments quite often on what a beautiful smile I have. I love it. Only issue I seem to have, is I have to watch what I eat when i am wearing them sometimes, as they can get stained, but I soak them in peroxide every night and that seems to whiten them back up pretty well. Someday when I have the money, I am going to get tooth implants but for now, this works just perfect. Thanks temptooth!!!!
  • Msl8dy - Great product!I use this product for billing my customers and keep track of receivables. It works great for my purposes and I would purchase it again. Because of my simple needs, I had previously used the online version, but when my office space changed and I no longer needed the flexibility of accessing anywhere, this solution seemed the logical one. I haven't regretted making the switch.