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  • Gerald M. Goldstein - Who could not like this pillow.I've had this pillow for nearly 2 years. It hasn't lost any of its shape. You can still form it to your preferences, just like the day I received it. As far as the smell goes ,there was a slight odor,but with a clean pillow case i smelled nothing. Noisy you say. No way. A bit pricey on Amazon,but much cheaper at their home site. a winner!
  • dawgpaula "dawgpaula" - A total Brain Rejuvenation!!I am from a Northern state and because of medical problems, moved to South Texas for year round warmth. WOW! This was like moving to a 3rd world country!!! I have been here for 5 years and I was starting to lose myself and get sucked into the intellectual black hole of Texas, AKA utter stupidity and delusion!! I recommend this gave me a total thought rejuvenation and reminded me of who I really am! It should be a 9th grade textbook! I do not recommend moving to South Texas unless you like be tortured and abused for being an intelligent free-thinker with motivation! What's worse?? A WOMAN unapologetic for being an intelligent, free-thinker, OMG business person! GASP!
  • Charlene A. Smith - Save your hard earned money by doing your own payrollI have seen small businesses pay between $50 - $85 per week to have an outside payroll service process their paychecks because they didn't realize that they could do it themselves for a lot less. QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll makes it easy to do your own payroll. When changes are made to rates or requirements by the government you are notified by a message letting you know that your payroll needs to be updated. From what I have seen all the forms needed for the Federal and State monthly and Quarterly reports are available within the program. The system also completes most of the forms for you. You do not have to worry about completing some complicated calculations. If you want to know if Enhanced Payroll is for you, add up how much you are spending with your current service and compare this to the cost to purchase Enhanced Payroll. I believe you will find out that doing your own payroll will help you save money. Also, if you run into any problems, you can always call a Certified ProAdvisor for assistance.
  • Lucinda Mason - Amazing, Motivational, better than movie storySoul surfer is amazing no matter how you look at it. Personally I like the book better than the movie because it wasn't so graphic for the shark attack part. I am very glad I saw the movie too but I think that if I watched the movie agian I would skip the shark attack. This was very encouraging especially the pictures that were included!
    I LOVED this!<3
    5 stars for sure!

    11 year old daughter