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  • Larry James - Cain at GettysburgGeneral Lee did not loose, he was beaten by Meade - fair and simple. Lee, attempted a bridge to far. Meade, with only a few days notice, showed himself to be an exceptional general - the right man at the right place and time.

    I have watched movies, TV shows and read several books about the battle of Gettysburg. None can compare with Peters' "put you in the battle" account.

    Many years ago, I visited the Gettysburg battle field, walked the line on both sides and climbed the the hills on both Union flanks.

    As a former Marine Infantry Sergeant, I stood at the "high water line" and could not believe that a commander would order a frontal attack on the Union fortified lines without a massive overwhelming force. What was Lee thinking?

    One can't help but feel sorry for Longstreet; Lee destroyed the Army Longstreet tried to save. Longstreet paid for Lee's irresponsibility for the rest of his life.

    And then there is Sickles - too bad he lost his leg - should have been his head.
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  • Anthony - Love this gameMy wife and I are big gamer's and love the Sim series, this one by far has got to be the best one i think ive played ever, highly recommend it, if you like SimCity 4 you will fall in love with this one, graphics are so much better than that of 4, it also arrived on time, very happy with seller and game