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  • Peter Rojas - Do it yourself accountingKeep your money in your pocket! Just organize your bills, set aside some time, and "do it yourself", saving the monthly accounting fee paid to someone else. Quickbooks is set up logically and you can print reports any which way. I highly recommend it for Realtors, Home Inspectors, small Contractors, etc. I own a small Real Estate brokerage in South Florida, and it works great for me, saving $150-$300 per month in accounting fees.
  • K. van Rooyen "Kmarie" - The Best So Far!My husband and I listened to this on our trips to my doctor and we really enjoyed this one. It has more than one subplot, and held our attention. As always, the narrator is wonderful. This series is like comfort food - always satisfying even if it doesn't have the most substance. No profanity, no real violence--just great entertainment.
  • Bloodmuffin - Simcity reviewPros
    +The city feels alive
    +No longer have to put as many buildings like the fire stations.
    +city specialization
    +Cool color filters
    + Easier for newcomers
    +Regions can be created as opposed to Simcity 4 were you had to go to the internet to find new ones if you deleted them.
    + Resources
    +City growth feels organic
    +Lend other cities things can be chosen in region view
    +The cities feel separate instead of being a continuous blob
    Fixable cons
    -no region creator
    -some minor path finding issues
    -some minor bugs
    Yes EA has seen the bad reviews, no they can not wished the problems away in an instant, and if the make an offline mode it will take a while since some features depend on the online.
  • Brett Parker - Worked for me!I have never reviewed an Amazon purchase but have been meaning to review this book for a long time now because it was such a wonderful find for me. I tried this diet because I had ulcerative colitis, and nothing the doctor could do was helping at all - I was very sick. It is a hard diet to follow, it was really hard actually, but after 2 months I was comlpletely symptom free, and after 2 years stopped following the diet and have been completely healthy ever since. Without this diet I think I would be wearing a colostomy bag by now. I hear that it does not work for everyone, but it is certainly worth a try, if it works for you, it is really pretty incredible.
  • LES MUELLER - Required Reading for all in the new Surveillance StateThis book so clearly outlines some of the most obvious errors of the US unilaterally, declared "War on Terror" . This war initiated by the Bush Administration and expanded by the Obama Administration has created the following: murder of US citizens abroad without due process, murder of numerous citizens of foreign countries without legal or moral justification including many women and children, the kidnapping and torture of citizens of foreign countries and holding them indefinitely at "rendition centers" i.e. prisons, loss of America as a bastion of freedom, turning religious extremists into bombers, the AG telling Congress there is no reason not to use drones on US citizens on US soil, and last, but not least, how this unwinnable war has turned America into a Surveillance State. This book should be required reading for every student of American history and current political theory. On a very personal note, I have long assumed that the NSA has been reading all my e-mails, so welcome to this one, You may contact me at lestermueller@yahoo.com.