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  • Jill Clardy "So many books, so little time...." - When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Strap On Their Mizuno's{Please note that my review is about the shoes that supported Ms. Davis in her filibustering action, not about whether I support the legislation relating to abortions in Texas. I am not expressing my opinions on that subject here. :) }

    Whether running a marathon, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, or launching a filibuster to exercise the democratic process, the right footwear will empower you to focus on what is important, and not on whether your feet are hurting. Wearing her pink Mizuno's, a Texas lawmaker with the steely resolve of a branding iron single-handedly stopped an effort to drastically curtail abortion in the Lone Star State.

    While standing for nearly 12 hours in her Mizuno's, Wendy Davis said, "A lot of women resent the fact that this legislation is being voted upon by, look around this room, primarily by men," she said at one point, suggesting they were heedless of the impact of the proposed law because they don't have "the equipment". "But I've got it," she said. "And my daughters have it and women I know have it and women I've never met have it, and each of them have direct impact by each circumstance that is being put up by this bill."

    Under Texas' parliamentary rules, Davis was required to speak continuously and only on the topic of the bill the entire time. She couldn't take breaks to eat, take a sip of water or go to the bathroom. She could not lean against anything for support. If Davis broke any of these rules, the filibuster would die and SB 5 would become law. Only her force of will, her strong backbone, and her comfy shoes supported her.

    Ms. Davis proved what we feminist's have been saying for 40+ years, "I am woman, and I am strong." And a good pair of comfortable shoes certainly helps !
  • someguyinla - SuccessLet me preface this review by explaining the unique nature of my situation, and what it was that prompted me to begin using Rogaine two months ago.

    I'm 36. I've been using Propecia for the last 8 years, with great success. It arrested my hair loss at the time (hereditary), and I even regrew some lost hair over the following year after I'd begun taking it. Life went on. I just kept up on my prescription and remained consistent on the Propecia. Other than that, I never gave it another thought. Until I discovered testosterone boosters 10 months ago.

    I didn't realize what had happened until I walked out of a haircut two months ago. My hair had been long, and I'd been noticing some extra hair on my hands when I shampooed. But I was working intensely at the time and was so otherwise preoccupied with life that I didn't connect the dots. But after I got my hair cut short and saw shocking areas of scalp revealing themselves through my hairline, I was horrified. Obviously, I put the kibosh on any and all haircuts going forward, hoping that, as my hair grew in length, it would help to conceal the gaping patches of scalp.

    Obviously, I should have done my homework prior to using Tribulus, Pink Magic, etc. While they're great T-boosters for guys in their 30s, and they can help you to make tremendous gains in the gym, they also have a potentially negative side effect: more good testosterone can, inevitably, be accompanied by more bad testosterone (DHT). Apparently, I was creating so much of it through my supplement stacking that it overwhelmed the Propecia's ability to protect my hair.

    The hair loss may have also been caused by Colius Forskholi, or 7-Keto, or a combination of the two. I'd heard about them for weight loss. And it was right about the time that I'd started using them that I noticed the problem.

    Anyway, that's the context. Now here's what I did to combat it and regain ground that even the Propecia alone hadn't been able to recover. The following will probably only be relevant and useful to guys who've found themselves in a similar predicament, but, perhaps, it can help you in your unique situation as well.

    1) I kept up with my Propecia. I'd take it in the morning, before any other supplements, even my multivitamin. I'd eat my breakfast, take the Propecia, give it about an hour to be absorbed without competition from other supplements, and then I'd have a late morning snack and take the rest of my morning vitamins.

    2) I read up and researched. I discovered that Stinging Nettle Root, Saw Palmetto, Pygeum, and Pumpkin Seed are four natural remedies that work in synergistic concert to interfere with DHT production. I started taking those in the recommended dosages, but added the first dose to my Propecia in the morning with breakfast. The second dose came at night. The idea was to begin the day by attacking the DHT.

    3) I started using Revivogen Shampoo. I had been using regular brands (Axe, Kirkland, etc), but I stopped all those and stuck with something designed specifically for thinning hair. I did NOT use the Revivogen potion that you're supposed to apply each day in concert. I started out trying to, but thought it would be more effective to use Rogaine instead.

    4) The final -- and perhaps the most critical -- step was the Rogaine. Now, here's something many of you may not know. The Rogaine directions clearly state that it's only intended for the back of the scalp (vertex), and no other area at all. However, I remembered something the dermatologist who originally prescribed my Propecia had told me. He said the reason for that statement from the folks at Rogaine was that they had to test the product's effectiveness by shaving an area on the back of a tester's head, keeping it clear, and continuously applying Rogaine for months to gauge its effectiveness. Obviously, it was nearly impossible for them to find testers willing to have an obtrusive, shaved patch of scalp at the front of their hairlines. Essentially, what he was saying to me was that scalp is scalp, and Rogaine would work just as effectively up front.

    I should also point out that coating the entire top of your scalp with Rogaine is expensive. Because I was targeting the entire top of my scalp, and because my hair was so long, I had to use A LOT of Rogaine foam to penetrate down and be sure that I was hitting the scalp. I was burning through a month's supply a week. Seriously. I bought it at Costco.

    At any rate, I used this 4-pronged approach, and I used it diligently. It's costly and it takes months of dedication. But it worked.

    It's been just over two months now. And after seeing what looked like new hairs grown in at the front of the hairline, and a thickness throughout my entire scalp that I was certain I hadn't seen in years, I decided to take a gamble and go get my hair cut.

    Much to my relief, my hair actually appears thicker now. I've regrown hair that I haven't seen in years throughout my entire scalp. It's shocking, the difference, considering that two months ago I was staring at sections of scalp showing through and panicking. I'm not kidding, guys, I could literally count the number of hairs at the very front of my forehead two months ago. Now, the scalpy sections have filled in.

    Rogaine has worked incredibly well, at least for me. There are no guarantees, obviously, but hopefully it will for you as well.

    At this point, I can tell you that I'll probably continue to use the Rogaine and Propecia together indefinitely. The synergistic effect of the two has been remarkable for me. Perhaps the other components helped as well, but the Rogaine and Propecia are the strongest and most proven.

    Good luck to you guys.
  • Morgan - Can't Wait for the MovieI understand that Jerry Bruckheimer and Gore Verbinksi are teaming up to produce this movie. They've already announced Johnny Depp as 8373622, and Scarlett Johansson as 34637. There are rumors that 2398 will be played by Jennifer Lawrence, but there seems to be some doubt whether she can get away from filming Monkingjay in order to meet the film schedule. Other possibles for the role include Mila Kunis and Taylor Swift. It's also rumored that Bruckheimer has his eye on Chris Pine for the role of 42.

    The release date is slated for the summer of 2015. I can't wait!