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  • Winston L - More effective than almost any other antivirus softwareIf you're looking for a solid, functional, effective product that will keep your Windows computer virus-free, this is what you're looking for.

    Depending on who you ask, at this point in time, BitDefender and G Data also have products that perform about as well as Kaspersky (KAV). But do some research and you'll see that KAV ranks #1 in outbreak response, and close to #1 (varies slightly by study) in detection and repair rate (98-99 percent).

    Kaspersky Labs is globally known as one of the fastest responders to malware outbreaks. And they push updates to their users much faster than Norton and McAfee. (Exact numbers vary by study and year, so I would suggest additional research if you need more convincing.)

    This, I would say, is one of KAV's weaker areas. It's far from a small program, so your computer will be very slow for an additional minute or two, as your computer starts up and KAV loads. Beyond the startup time, I haven't had any major concerns. If you're fairly familiar with how your computer operates, you'll be able to tell that KAV is running in the background. But it doesn't slow your computer down terribly (unless you have a cheap, lower-end PC).

    I've been using KAV for about five years now. And I recommend it to everyone I know. Kaspersky consistently finds malware that other paid antiviruses (including Norton and McAfee) couldn't. One computer I switched from Norton to Kaspersky had around 40 infected files on it. (Yikes!)

    Don't bother with the CD. Previous reviewers seem to have had problems with the disc, but it's completely unnecessary. In essence, you're paying for the license key, not the disc. Instead, go to Kaspersky's website, download the program (which already has the latest updates) and run the free trial now. When the product arrives in the mail, then you can type the license key into the program. It's so much easier than messing around with the CD.
  • C. Thomas - Works for meI bought the book about a year ago when the psoriasis I'd had for years on my scalp started creeping onto my face and plaques were starting to form all over my body (breasts, tummy, back, side, etc.)

    I knew from experience that the topical steroids didn't do diddly for me (I actually had my scalp shaved so that I could get the cream to the plaques and watch for improvements.) Three different creams, all of the prescription medications and over the counter tar soap didn't do anything. I itched like fury, and felt totally greasy and flaky at the same time.

    After my hair grew out again, I left it alone and just tried not to scratch at it, until it started spreading even more.

    I was initially skeptical of the book (plus I'm cheap) so I didn't do all the things suggested, I just ate the way he advised and drank chamomile tea occasionally. The results were very clear and fast though; my psoriasis plaques flattened, turned paler, and then the newest plaques all faded away. Unfortunately, I started going out to eat with my boyfriend again and eating pizza, which halted the improvements to the thicker, older plaques on my scalp.

    Lately I'd been eating especially bad for psoriasis, lots of tomatoes and beef, and I got a plaque on my lower eyelid that made blinking painful. So I'm back on his meal plans, and once again the ones I can monitor are fading away nicely. It seems to help a lot to exercise enough to sweat also; the first time I had some flare up before improvement, but none this time when I started it along with my longer standing walking program.
  • Cranky Yankee - Wait for it...It started off slow, single digit slow in the beginning but I stuck with it. I eventually learned all about the different numbers, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 0 and their different combinations.

    The author introduced them all a bit too quickly for my taste. I would have been perfectly happy with just 1,2,3,4 and 5 for the first 20,000 digits, but then again, I'm not a famous random-number author, am I?

    After a while, patterns emerged and the true nature of the multiverse was revealed to me, and the jokes were kinda funny. I don't want to spoil anything but you will LOVE the twist ending!

    Like 4352204 said to 64231234, "2242 6575 0013 2829!"