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  • Audrey Austin "Audrey" - First Impressions: A Letter to the AuthorDear Miss Adams,
    What a delight to once again visit the family at Longbourn! Mrs. Bennet all in a dither; Mr. Collins with way too many words; Elizabeth and Darcy the anchors of rationality.
    Thank you for being so loyal to Jane Austen's language and characters while providing us with exciting alternatives.
    I'm eager to read the correspondence of Georgiana and Kitty and learn your projections for the "happy everafters" of all the Bennet daughters.
    With sincere appreciation for a most enjoyable read,
    Audrey Austin
  • Arizona Reader - Awesome TabletVery nice tablet, and in many respects better than iPad2. The quad core and ability to view outdoors set it apart from other tablets. Good battery life, very snappy, ICS available, all make it a very nice experience.

    I also like the slightly longer height than on some similar sized tablets because it makes it work great as a reader. I find reading PDF docs easier on this than on my 21 inch monitor.
  • Lisa Clute "Kansas Cowgirl" - Works for Me When Nothing Else WouldUpdate: I have been following this diet for a month and a half and have dropped twenty pounds. I no longer crave sugar, caffeine or processed food. My joints have quit hurting and my cronic migraines have stopped. I have failed at every diet out there because they are all too complicated or restrictive. This one I'm going strong and average 1/2 to 2 pounds per day loss consistently.

    Original Review: I have been following the Fast Metabolism Diet for just over a week and I love it. I have zero thyroid function and am on hormones. I thought weight loss, particularly that upper belly fat, was NEVER going to happen for me. I have dropped ten pounds without even doing the exercise portion of the program. I only struggle with the Phase 2 foods because I just don't want to eat veggies for breakfast. The other phases are a breeze and I am always full. I rarely eat all the foods recommended because it recommends so much. I no longer crave chocolate and other sweets. My skin is no longer dry and I have more energy than I've had in ages. I highly recommend this book and can't wait until a cookbook comes out, especially for that pesky Phase 2!
  • Michael Vogeler - I loved this book.Sam Harris makes excellent arguments as to why scientists shouldn't just relinquish moral authority to religion. It's refreshing to see someone argue that science can be used to explain morality and that scientists need to establish a foothold into a science of morality. For too long scientists have been too scared to do research into morality and come up with a system that can help make moral choices. If only some of them would read The Moral Landscape and take it to heart, religion might lose it's undeserved title of the authority on morality. All the arguments are there, plain to see and hard to refute. It certainly made me think more about some of the things I believed regarding morality.