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  • Don C. Glover - Ann exposes librerals for what they areCoulter exposes liberals for what they are: appeasers, spenders, equivocators, and liars. The early liberals who assigned a 1-star rating to Ann's latest on-target book haven't even read it. Ann has their number and they prove her point. And, contrary to the vision-challenged, she looks terrific (both physically and mentally) in her razor-sharp analysis. Make this book part of your arsenal.
  • Colin Hanephin - Better than I expected!This tablet is the first one I have ever purchased, and I was expecting it to be alot more complicated to use than it is. The picture is great. I do not see any reason to spend $200 more on a newer version because so far it has done everything I expected it to do and more! It is a great product.