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  • Susan A. Smith - Great Christmas ornamentThis ornament is just so cute. You just dial in the date and you get a report from the North pole for that day. The voice on the ornament is very clear and easy to hear. It is a fun thing for adults and kids to hear the North Pole report for the day! There are 25 different reports and you can listen to them over and over.
  • TripleBullet - Loving it and still playing it!I love this game. I got a level 60 Witch Doctor and a Barbarian almost there. Inferno difficulty (Last Difficulty) is super hard, most hard a game has been in forever, and i love that. Finally a game with real challenge. If your not into the whole hard thing then start another character and use the money it earns to get better gear for your main and make inferno easier without playing it. People can cry about it all they want. This game is awesome and most fun ive had on a pc in a while.

    Trust me, its a good buy. Actually a lot of these low reviews are because of how bad servers were Day 1 - 3. So they came on here and raged and are actually probably playing it having forgot about their review of the game. Servers are fine now and the RMAH (Real Money Auction House) is a great way to make a real life money. I cant believe what people will buy sometimes! Whatever tho, it makes me money so im happy. They have regular AH to so you dont have to use real money. I recommend 100% and i bet you a lot of the 1 stars are playing this game now that the servers are stable.