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  • James Russell - Best With Harley-Davidson's Service ManualYou still should have and use the factory Harley-Davidson service manual due to its enhanced size and details, but this Clymer manual picks up favorable points to buy this book. This manual has fantastic step-by-step troubleshooting flow-charts and instructions for troubleshooting the electric and electronic and all of the engine sensors and how to test those sensors to see if they are functioning. That is worth the price of this book alone! You really do need this Clmer manual to find out what is wrong with the bike/engine before you can fix it. The H-D manual lacks troubleshooting of the electrical/sensors. If you can not afford the H-D manual and need one manual to get started, then get this Clymer manual. Engine/transmission/drive train overhaul are also covered and great detail is given to measure wear on components (bearings/shafts/gears) which I found to be pleasing to see in a shop manual. Do yourself a favor, get this Clymer manual. You will be satisfied!
  • K. Kim - Try on the Weekend!I've been suffering from constipation since I was very little. Thus I am always looking for the best laxatives or stool softener. This is the first time I have tried a product labeled "colon cleanse." I saw the great reviews and decided to give it a try before my wedding day 2 weeks away.

    Once receiving the Super Colon Cleanse, I immediatley took the recommended dosage of 4 capsules. This was about 7:00 PM. Before I went to bed, I took another 4 capsules around 12:00 AM. By the time I woke up the next day, I did not have any cramps or the need to use the restroom. So before heading to work, I took another 4 capsules, and "packed" another 4 in my snack sized ziplock bag to take at work later that day. By the time I got to work, I was feeling cramps/light stomach ache. It was not too pleasant but it hurt a lot less than taking laxatives! I immediately had to use the restroom...and kept using the restroom probably 7 more times before the work day ended! It felt good to know I was somewhat "cleaner." I still had to go multiple times before I went to bed that night but I was fine and more regular the next day.

    My husband asked me why I didn't take the pills on a Friday so it didn't interrup my work schedule. He was so right, that thought didn't even cross my mind! I wasn't sure how well it would work and how fast. Next time, I will take the pills in 3's and start on a Friday!
  • demetriuskindle - black Friday finally made easy!!!This is by far one of the most helpful apps I have ever downloading. This app lets me plan through the craziness of black Friday. It simply shows us the products with the lowest price. I was looking for a camcorder for a solid month and this app found the one that I wanted and saved me 100$. 5stars love it
  • Sterling Thompson - Simple and FastIt just worked perfectly, right from the box. Simple to setup, no noisy fan. The preloaded software was simple to configure and get going. This is unlike my other backup system, which was a Seagate NAS, which is super slow and tends to fail to complete simple backup tasks randomly.

    It's also super fast. I don't notice it being slower to access than the internal HDD.