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  • judy vacante - Best travel tips ever!Definitely required reading before a trip to Italy . On our last trip, saved money by eating and staying at his recommended restaurants and hotels. Had money left over at the end of our trip! We never travel to Europe without one of Rick Steve's books. All the insider information you could ever want. Tear out the info on the cities you are visiting and take them with you.
  • Sandra J Hoover - This book changed my worldThis book literally did change my world. I was told by several doctors that I would never have a normal life again, that there was nothing to do apart from taking steroid drugs and eventually removing the colon. In desperation I looked for another way out. This book clearly laid out why it was happening and how to get back to normal. It states that if you follow the guidelines strictly, with no cheating whatsoever that you can get your health back and in some cases the condition will actually be cured forever. I found this to be absolutely true. For anyone who struggles with the pain and isolation of this disease, please get this book and follow it to the letter. I've now been symptom free for 2 years.
  • rb1515 - Two things to make this pan work for you..I really love this pan and am glad I purchased it. There are two things that make it work - or not work -- and these may be the reason some people are unhappy with it.

    The first, already already stated, is to "cure" the pan as it very clearly explains on the inside of the packaging.

    The second, also stated in the packaging,is that the pan is not supposed to be used with high heat. I have a terrible habit of cooking everything on high, and this pan is requiring a bit of discipline for me. If I cook on the highest heat, there will be some (still easy to clean) sticking, but when I bring the heat to medium-high it is so smooth that I can cook eggs with no oil or butter - and they come out great.

    I can easily cook most foods without adding oil or butter, but I do find myself adding very small amounts for flavor. Overall, I'm saving a lot of fat and calories, and the food comes out with a very "clean" taste -- perfect for those who, like myself, love California-style cuisine.

    Cleaning is ridiculously quick and easy - it takes all of about 5 seconds to get it clean and looking like new again.

    Just cure it, and keep it to medium high, and you might find, like I have, that it is your favorite pan of all time.
  • N. Ciero "N3TC13R0" - Wolf shirt - Inner peace realized after all.....I purchased this shirt after my wife shrunk my favorite (and lucky) MMA T-shirt. While I was quite a traumatic experience, one that took many hours of therapy to overcome, I embarked on a Lord of the Rings like quest to find "one ring to rule them all". I had others help me in my journey to find a T-shirt that Golem would even covet. One of my quest partners, Billy Baggins, suggested I look on Amazon for said shirt. During my journey I came across this strikingly masculine shirt and quite frankly was breath taken. While my previous T-shirt pictured three kittens playing with a ball of yarn, I thought I would go a little more sensitive with the purchase of its replacement. Boy was I not left unsatisfied!! I, like my Walmart brothers and sisters before me felt compelled and a moral obligation to leave a helpful and "life changing" review of this shirt.
    The story starts out as I was dawning my home made chain mail and assembling my LARP (Live Action Role Playing) crew. We were to battle for the waters of Murky Dismal at our annual renaissance fair in our local village of Homlet. No small task, I know, and one that could lead to death or at the least some serious injury. Needing some serious confidence before such melee , I slid the newly purchase wolf shirt over my chainmail for good luck and a confidence boost.
    We arrived at the fair and the battle was already under way. We immediately jumped from our Nissan Cube with our home made swords and staffs raised above our heads crying our war cry "WOLF!!!". The battle waged on for what was like minutes. Most of party were struck down early due to some equipment malfunctions (Broken Styrofoam, hubcap shields and a rash). None were left save for Billy and me. I quickly paired with Billy and were back to back fighting off foes as the rest of our crew laid on the ground. It was like a horrific slow motion dream sequence unlike any I have ever imagined. As I struck down my foes their gaze caught the wolves on my brazen chest their eyes became wide as saucers. They seemed cast like stone figures with their eyes transfixed as if they had laid eyes on Medusa herself! Dripping with sweat and the smell of AXE body spray in the air, we finished off the last of our foes. We were victorious!!! It was the animal, the wolf within that had led us to victory.
    After the battle was over we were lifted above the crowd to the awaiting banquet all to the cries of "All hail the Wolf King! All hail the Wolf King!" Maidens surrounded us and the rest I must leave to the imagination....
    Inner peace reached .....I would buy this shirt again.