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  • Jerrold Lewis - This is a very nice reelI chose 5 stars because for the money, it is hard to find a better product. It's not a $300.00 reel, but as a intermediate angler who owns a wide array of reels, this one holds up well on small waters. The craftsmanship is well done, the build, of a good quality, and I must say, with a house full of left and right retrievers, switching over is amazingly simple. Well done Redington. Once more you have proven why your name is in the list of great fly fishing companies. I recommend this product to others.
  • Michele C. Stradley - head gets hot at night, you need thisI asked for one of these last year for Christmas, as the medicine I takemakes me hot and have a hard time sleeping. This really helps. Then I was telling my family about how well it works, well and now my daughter, son, and grandson all have one too.
  • Home User - No problemsI used to use Norton Internet Security in the past. It seemed to get real large in size and really slowed my computer down after I started using it. So I started using other software. In 2008 or 2009 after using other software decided to try it again since I got a free trial. It had really changed. Easy to install, didn't slow my computer down and I have not had any virus problems since then. Some like it some don't but for me I think it is good software and has protected my computer. I bought 2012 to update my 2011 version I was running. If you buy an older version it is usually cheaper and it will update to the latest version free of charge. I have only talked to tech support about questions I had when updating it and was very pleased with there support. Would recommend Norton Internet Security to anyone. I plan on buying it again in the future.
  • Mightymad - wise wordsInsightful and courageous. I've been in the tech world for decades and have seen my peers disappear from the work force. It is amazing how few women there are compared to the 90s in management positions. Sheryl Sandberg does an excellent job explaining why. In my case, I both love what I do, so started my own business in order to maximize pay and flexibility between work and home life. Otherwise, I too would have left. Yes, we need more women in management and executive positions. I concur...the world will benefit from our insights and contributions.