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  • C. Areal "Mompreneur, pug lover, belly dancer... - work flawlesslyThese glasses are great. they are a wonderful quality. they can be a bit tricky sometimes when trying to get them to turn on the right mode, and it may cause you to think they're not working, but once you get the hang of turning them on correctly, you'll be glad you didn't send them back. :)
  • Jan Klier - Cool gadget - one caveatThis is one of these more useful kitchen gadgets. Every time I need fresh herbs for a recipe, I end up buying one of those expensive packs, use one or two twigs, and end up tossing the rest, and everytime it irks me. So this looks like it solves that problem, and do so without becoming this huge time sink that a full-blown herb garden would do.

    One can argue that for $149 for the unit, and $20 for extra seed kits, I can buy a lot of herb packs at the grocery store before breaking even. True, but it makes it less painful to use fresh herbs or garnish your dish with a single salad leaf.

    The one caveat I would put on it: you can't really mix and match the seed kits. The settings on the unit, and the nutrient tablets are optimized for each seed type. First I thought, I'd use 2-3 salad pods, a few of the herbs, some basil, and then some fresh tomatoes in the two units I bought. Well, that doesn't work (or at least I don't know what the results would be - but it's clear from the package that the nutrient tablets have different ingredients, and the water pump runs all the time for salad, when it only cycles on/off for other seeds). So I'd have to get 4 of those - that's a lot of money and a lot of space in the kitchen. So I guess I'll sequence which seeds I grow every 6 months and stay with 2.

    The base unit always comes with the salad green seeds. Looks like they're the ones sprouting the fastes (within 2-3 days) - they must be hedging their bet against impatient and skeptical customers.
  • thereal1uigi - Great buy for the priceLet me preface this by saying i've never owned a PS3 or bluray player of any kind. Best i have is an original XBOX 360 (no HDMI). So this system is by far and away the best i've ever owned.

    -The doorbuster price. At $199 it couldn't be beat. I understand it's more now, but it's probably still worth it. Sony will support the PS3 until 2015, so you can still get games for years to come. And beyond that, it will still function as a media player.
    -The games (Infamous 1 and 2, Borderlands 1 and 2) are great games. I'm part way through Infamous now, and it's a blast. Having those come with the system is a major plus. It sucks buying a system for $300 and not having any games.
    -The playstation media center is very smooth and intuitive. I was impressed the layout and speed of the system. One thing i always hated about the 360 was difference in system menus in game vs. out of game. You had to learn two different menus. With the PS3, hit the middle button on the controller and you see the same menu you see when you start the system up (overlayed over your game).
    -Bluray quality is amazing.
    -Initial setup is a breeze. Connecting to WIFI is awesome (never had it before on a game system).

    -DOESN'T come with HDMI cord. Just comes with the R/W/Y analog connectors (not even R/G/B R/W, so you just get standard definition out of the box). Boo. Luckily i had an HDMI cord laying around. But if you don't, order one when you order this system.
    -Games don't come in normal cases. Just cardboard sleeves. The sleeves look nice enough, but i would have preferred a case.
    -Only one controller, but i'm ok with it.
    -Does not come with the PS3 stand shown on the picture.
  • Thomas J. Kurpinsky - Quickbooks for Mac 3013 IS better than the Windows version, if . . .I have been a Quickbooks user for over 20 years. Everything I had read about the Mac version discouraged me from trying the product, In fact, I tried a copy about 5 years ago, and boy was everybody correct. The other day I saw on offer for a trial of Quickbooks Mac 2013. The complaints are that a lot of features are not available on the Mac version. I looked over the list and found that I do not use the excluded features. I removed my password from the 2009 Quickbooks Windows version, backed it up and then performed the export to Mac. Everything, I mean everything came across including memorized transactions. The only items I use that did not come over are the Memorized Reports.

    What I now have is a program that has nicer graphics, and an easier to use interface. As a bonus, my quickbooks file went from 108mb to 17MB!! I was quoted $700 to reduce my windows version of quickbooks. Any doubts, get the 30 day free trial, you'll be happy you did. Yes, I too am not happy with the arrogance of Intuit, but in this case the Mac version does work fine.

    Also, there was a comment that you cannot require a password. This is incorrect. Opening Quickbooks Preferences, which looks like the Mac Settings Window, and click on User & Passwords and enter your choice.