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  • Nancy Drew2 - A Good Read for thinking Christians and Conservatives

    I think this book was written for Christians and conservatives. Palin is trying to teach them to be bold and unafraid of voicing their ideas and beliefs.Probably, if you're not a Christian or conservative, you shouldn't bother reading it. One thing I've noticed about this gutsy woman, the more she is persecuted or condemned, the stronger she becomes. I betcha she'll be reading the negative reviews with a smile on her face knowing she's hit the nail on the head with this book.

  • Karla Paola - Every women should read this book.

    i doses not matter whether you have a couple, looking for one, or enjoying a single life, this book is helpful. Not only at dating advise and a incredible look into mens psychology, but it also gives good advice you can apply in every aspect of your life to be a better person. A must have, and a must re-read at least every 2 years.