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  • Wolfee1 - ~ BEST INFORMATION SO FAR ~I ordered this Book for a Family Member and I didn't know I was going to read it myself and wanted to write a Review. "Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative" Written by Dr. John Pagano who has Successfully done research on the Natural Healing of Psoriasis and Eczema (Dermatitis). Dr. Pagano believes with Proper Diet, Internal Cleansing, Posture, Attitude and the Power of the Human Body to be able to remove all the Toxins that causes Psoriasis. There are many Chapters in the Book, from: Psoriasis: The inside Story, Does the Regimen Works?, The Natural Alternative, Diet and Nutrition, Cases of Eczema, Achieving the Goal, many more Chapters and also Menu Plans and Recipes.

    Many Patients that Dr. Pagano has cured through the years give us their Testimonials and a Photographic Portfolio, with Pictures in Black and White of the Patients and some Classic Types of Psoriasis Cases treated Successfully by following a Natural Alternative Approach to the Disease. Dr. Pagano gives a List of all the Foods to Avoid, a very long List and the Foods that People affected with this disease should Eat. The Dr. shows you: Effective Cleansing Measures, The High Colonic Irrigation, The Three-Day Apple Diet and the Alternatives for those who cannot tolerate Apples or are Allergic to them, The Importance of Water, Alkaline Formers versus Acid Formers ...and so many more Items Described in Detail for the Psoriatic Patient to Follow

    Beware of The Nightshades! Dr. Pagano Warns Patients to avoid all the Nightshades, it is very Important to stay away from Tomatoes, Tobacco, Eggplants, White Potatoes, Peppers (except the Spice Black Pepper) and Paprika among others. He shows you in Detail the reason why some of these Vegetables are the Enemy, to avoid White Bread and other Products made with White Flour like Pasta and use only Whole Wheat Breads and also Pasta made with the Same Whole Wheat Grains, To Consume only Brown or Wild Rice instead of White Rice and never Fried. Many of these Suggestions we already knew, they were not good for us and especially for the Psoriatic Patient. He also explains in detail which Sweets and Artificial Sweeteners to avoid and Beverages: Fruit and Vegetable Juices, Coffee, Herbal Teas, Milk, Soda, Alcoholic Beverages among others

    Dr. John Pagano Healing Psoriasis shows you how to say goodbye to the Pain, Scales and Itching of Psoriasis without taking Drugs, Steroid Creams, Tar Baths or Ultraviolet Treatments. In this Book, the Patient will discover how to Alleviate, Control and even Heal this agonizing Condition without Dangerous Drugs or Treatments. Healing Psoriasis is a very informative Book with revealing case studies and incredible before and after photos and how this Disease must be viewed from the inside out with Diet, Step-by-Step Regimen, Detoxification and Attitude to Get Well Naturally. A very Strict Diet Plan, I personally don't know if I could Stick to It. However, that all depends in your overall Eating Habits, the Strong Necessity of Getting Well, in better Shape and Look your Best! ...Thank You D.D.
  • Rian D. Fowler - This is the oneI've suffered from cold sores since I was 12 and I've used everything on the market from snake oil (Herpacin), to OTC FDA approved (Abreva), to prescription antivirals (Valtrex) and this is the only treatment that works in a day. Abreva doesn't work so don't waste your time on that crap. Valtrex works really well and will usually have you healed up within 2-3 days but it's expensive and most doctors will only prescribe you 2-3 doses. If you suffer from cold sores often that means you're going to have to go back to the doctor at least once a year to get a refill.

    I got the tingle last night and used this aggressively on it within 2 hours. Eighteen hours later, I would usually be seeing some major blistering going on if I'd not treated it but the small blister that was forming when I applied is it gone and there's only a little bit of swelling and redness. No tingle, no pain- nothing.

    This stuff works by penetrating your skin and eradicating the virus at the site. Valtrex is the only other treatment you can get that attacks the virus directly (by mutating its genes) but even that doesn't KILL the virus.

    Because this relies on getting deep into your skin to work, you've got to aggressively apply it by rubbing it in from all angles around the sore. You don't have to push down hard but it's good to use a circular motion both directions, let it dry out a bit, and then go again until all of the medicine is gone from the applicator.
  • Lundsby "Lundsby" - Bout time I reviewed this bookEveryone who suffers from any autoimmune disease must read this book. This diet has changed my life, and has changed the lives of many others.

    The diet is said to mainly help intestinal disease and autism, but I believe anyone who is generally sluggish, low in energy, or has a host of unspecific annoying symptoms like joint pain, sinus pain, excess weight etc, should give it a try.

    I became ill in 2004 with an unspecified intestinal disorder but symptoms were not dissimilar to crohns or ulcerative colitis. Within days I felt better generally, within two weeks my symptoms had subsided. After a year I was mostly pain free - and felt better than I had ever felt, even pre illness. I still follow the basic principals today - I now just believe that this is a healthy life style. Now that I am well I have adjusted this diet to be primarily whole foods, I do eat grains especially in the winter, but mostly spelt and rye.

    Now I am just a healthy person who cares about the molecular structure of her food.

    Many reviewers giving 5 stars sound almost evangelistic in their praise which might actually put some people off. I think one review on this list (a very old one) goes so far as to say that Elaine has a loyal band of followers who counteract any negative reviews. But the reason this happens is that people like me, many scattered all over the world and who have never met Elaine, have had their lives changed so dramatically that we simply cannot help but express it in this fashion.

    If you are ill you owe it to yourself to spend the 20 bucks, read the book and every word on the web site and give this diet an honest try for a month. It is so tragic that such a simple solution is missed by people who are so very ill because the info does not come from the conventional medical community, or because diet folklore muddies the credibility of this books information.