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  • Mr. Hai V. Nguyen "haingu" - Kaplan SAT booksMy grand son came from VN 2 months ago and had to register as a HS student. The HS required he took a test to be correctly classified. I bought this book together with the Kaplan 2012 for him. He passed the test and is classed very accordingly.
    He thanks me for giving him the books and looking forward to schooling with confidence.
    I would say that they are also good for general knowledge and as a refresher.
  • VoodooValkryie - Where there is No DoctorThe major difference between this book and a first aid manual is that the first step is rarely call 911. If you are someone with little or no previous medical knowledge and you would like to learn how to put a dislocated shoulder back into socket, how to properly administer penicillin, and/or how to diagnose diseases ranging from the common cold to leprosy then this is the book for you.

    If you want to learn how to do a triple bypass surgery with a paperclip, a rubber band, and three ballpoint pens then no this is not worth your money. I would suggest taking the time you have to surf the net and nag about how you cant find a step by step guide to do something a doctor goes to school for years to learn and just go to medical school.

    Also to address something I've noticed in the other reviews (that originally stopped me from buying this book) is the people who are, not necessarily upset, but are not really pleased that so much of the book is dedicated to prevention and nutrition. To others that are interested in buying but not really sure if its worth it let me just say it is. After reading the book I have to agree with the author's that "an ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure". If a SHTF situation ever arises I would rather urge prevention then be forced to draw on the knowledge I've gained from this book.
  • Chris Doerr - Excellant book for love and lifeGet The Guy is a really great book for not only dating, but being a more open and charismatic person all the way around. I found most of the advice to be fairly logical, but spot on. *face palm* That is of course why I'm not meeting anyone, why didn't I think of that? I'm having loads of fun reading this book, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for more out of their life. The book comes with videos for almost every chapter which help to enhance the experience. Plus Matthew is so adorable and charming! You can't help but love him right off the bat. So, it's time to stop waiting and start creating! Get out there and GET THE GUY!
  • Ronald West "Satirist" - The 'war on terror' is self-generatingThe most compelling aspect of Scahill's work is what too many (to count) current and former intelligence professionals (includes your's truly) have been saying for years. The war on terror generates the very terror it purports to fight. One of Scahill's intelligence informants compares the war on terror to "a self-licking ice cream cone" in a circumstance where those on the point of the so-called `war on terror' are those who most profit from it, whether corporate mercenaries harvesting the money involved, or otherwise self-interested reaping fear-mongering political capital to be promoted within the military power structures or the halls of Washington DC.

    If the so-called `war on terror' as a self generating phenomena is the most compelling aspect, perhaps the most disturbing aspect is the strong indicators of a `war on Islam' in the integrated story of how American Anwar al-Awlaki was driven by the USA's security services, via years of apparent baseless and extreme harassment, from a moderate Muslim preacher who'd condemned the 9/11 attacks, into a radicalized Imam preaching against the USA and ends targeted by a drone. The only evidence we have of why his 16 years old son, also a natural born American citizen, was killed in a separate drone strike appears to be because of who his father was. This aspect of `Dirty Wars' raises the specter of literally `crusading' ideologue elements integrated to the American apparatus of state security at the highest levels. Scahill does not name the `war on terror' as a `war on Islam' but the story has all of the elements. In this respect, information developed separately by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation on virulent Islamophobia in the USA military at the highest command levels, when juxtaposed to the information developed in `Dirty Wars', supports the idea of a `war on Islam' as a de facto reality, despite any assurances by Obama he has set out to repair relations with the Islamic world. This BS needs met head on by any and all of those who would see the value in preventing the USA's post 9/11 aggressions devolving into a war of civilizations. Scahill meets that test.

    A followup point would be, 'Dirty Wars' demonstrates how easily and completely Obama and his security state routinely lie to the American people (and the world) about his out of control murder (color of law targeted killings) program engineered by what one must conclude can only be psychopath killers (Obama favorite Admiral William McRaven, example given.) The result? Our constitution and rule of law trashed and immense damage to the American reputation both generally and particularly in relation to international law.