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  • Anthony Talbert - Martin Luther King would have agreed with herFirst, let me say that I come from a background where I marched in Selma with MLK and have his "I Have a Dream" speech on my living room wall. He remains one of my heroes.

    As usual, Ms. Coulter is both acerbic and funny. And, also as usual, she is right (I mean correct, not right wing :-) )

    Martin Luther King was dreaming of a color blind society where people were judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. But those who took upon themselves the mantle of leadership wish to see racism everywhere. And they only want a color blind society when THAT is to their benefit.

    I am sure that many who have not read the book would, based on the title and the author, claim it is racist. Reading the book, however, shows that she is not a racist, nor are her comments racist. They are, however, "inconvenient truths" which a large segment of our nation appears to want to ignore.

    Ms. Coulter does an outstanding job in pointing out the inconsistencies and hypocrisy of much of the "black leadership" and in the media in its reporting -- as well as its blatant bias. She documents the constant savaging of conservative blacks while the media ignores racist and sexist comments from the left.

    Further, she supports her position with extensive notes. Times, places, references to newspaper articles, etc.

    This book should be required reading for anyone who is TRULY concerned about the state of race relations in our country today.
  • ahoffoss - The best tablet for the price!Don't get me wrong, for most people this machine is a no brainer, but for me, it's just "OK". That being said, I gave it 5 stars, because what it does do, it does REALLY well and for a SUPER cheap price! For it, it was a gift. My problem is, I don't read from eBooks. I only read paper books. There's just something about an actual book in my hand that I can't get from holding up a Kindle or any ereader, for that matter. I can honestly say that the reader DOES do books good, because I did read at least 1 using this. Also, the fact that Prime members have access to an unheard of amount of books they can "borrow" for free?! For the people that are looking for the best tablet on the market for the price,....the KINDLE is just that!
  • NateJ - My favorite Moleskine by farI'm a big Moleskine user/lover - and this is my favorite by far. There is a slight update to the 2012/2013 version: the first portion that last year had quick pages with each month of the year on a separate page (box style) - this year those same pages are listed with each day as a line, rather than a box. Not a big difference - but just pointing out a difference.