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  • NC Mommy - Awesome Stroller for Toddlers!I replaced my Abiie G2G Babydeck, (which is a great stroller for birth-18 months, but a short seat to footrest and seat that won't allow a toddler to sit upright lead to my replacing it) with this stroller, and I am extremely happy with the B-Agile. My 18 month old is tall (36 inches) with really long legs, so I had to find a stroller that had room to grow from seat to footrest. The B-Agile has this. I also like the upright position of the seat, so she's almost sitting straight up. The light weight and portability of this makes it easy to transport (if you fly, spend the extra $ and get the bag. The airlines scratched my Abiie extensively when I last flew with it), and the canopy extends well to cover her when she's napping. I also like the one hand operation, so I can maneuver the B-Agile easily through store doors (where one hand is opening the door and the other is pushing the stroller). There are so many pros to this stroller! The only cons are for an almost $200 stroller (I actually purchased mine from Toys-R-Us with a 20% discount card and got it for $167.00), you'd expect to get the snack tray (an additional $15.99 through Amazon.com). Overall, this is a great stroller!
  • DWD "DWD's Reviews" - seems tough,apps can be priceyMy kids have had the super-tough Leapsters for years, but this is our first foray into having a LeapPad. The good news is that this gadget seems to be just as tough as the Leapster, which is important considering how often children can drop iPads/Kindles/Nooks/etc.

    Like they seem to do with all tablets, will figure out how to use the LeapPad quickly. If you want to add to the pre-loaded apps the LeapPad comes with a $20 credit. That's great, but do some careful shopping because the big name brand apps can cost more than that. Besides the apps, there are built-in features such as the camera, the calender, a folder for books (none included), a folder for mp3s (you have to pay more the the mp3 player if you want to add your child's music). Loading the LeapPad with a wide variety of activities, apps, music and more could get pricey.

    So, in short, the LeapPad is durable but you really need to look at other tablets and see if you want to buy a dedicated child-based tablet or an adult tablet that can be adapted to your child with much cheaper (or free) apps.
  • Glittergirl "Ms. P" - BreathtakingJess Walter is a remarkable author. He treats even his most despicable characters with uncommon empathy. He is at turns outrageously funny and devastatingly insightful. One of his characters is an author who has spent years trying to write a book and yet has only completed one chapter. That 'chapter' is in this book. It is heart-wrenching. After reading it, I had to put the book down for awhile and just breath. This is a gorgeous, soulful, generous book, beautifully written. I want to run out and buy copies of it for every person I love.
  • sm9828 - The best as of yet exceptThis game is very fun and addicting if the farming sim is your thing.The only thing is that when it cokes time to harvest sugar beets, the harvester is really small. Maybe there will be a mod in the future to make the beet harvest faster. Overall I give this game full stars and cant wait for the next one to see whats new on the block.....