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City: 94110 San Francisco, California

  • E. Thompson "Smile when you say that" - A Monkey DO for This Gal!I'm a modern girl just trying to make her way in the big city. But between work, yoga, shopping, and cutting bananas for my pet Choodle monkey (Chimpanzee-poodle mix--so sweet!), I barely had time for happy hour...until now! The 571 Banana Slicer makes cutting nanners for Curly Sue an absolute breeze! Now I have time for drinks with the girls, and Curly Sue can fling perfectly portioned banana slices at passers-by. I heart Hutzler 571!
  • jen - Work greatThese pills work great and they are no joke so be ready to go to the bathroom as soon as your done eating! Awesome
  • Ann Richardson - LOVE IT!!! A Must Have!Introduced to Brene's work through the TED Talks and Daring Greatly Read-along podcasts, the is having started reading and studying The Gifts of Imperfection and Daring Greatly, this is definitely the ultimate compilation of her work.. The gift is really in the education that you can receive in such a fun, humorous, manner and really get to the data from her research at the same time. I think our country and our world is so desperately in need of this gift right now!

    This expands so much on what I had heard previously and was able to connect from the various readings and ultimately, I think Brene's true gift is to make learning about tough topics so natural and comfortable while she draws you right in with her into her own stories. This gift of storytelling that can help others find their way to dig deep into their own "stuff" is extremely powerful. I have listened multiple times and I hear something new everytime, yet still entertained.

    So I'd give it 10 stars if I could. Brene is a rock star in my book. So many of our "stories" were parallel that I already feel like I've known her most of my life.
  • Katy Quinn "nyc actress" - Scared of Huge Ships? This will help you!SO HELPFUL! I grew up sailing on Long Island Sound and whenever the QE II would come through the Sound, I would get hit! After 15 years of getting hit by a large, English ship I thought the Brits really had it in for me. Especially that old battle axe Queen Elizabeth. Seriously, aim your ship at me will you, you Windsor beatch! I'd begun to think they were aiming at me as some sort of weird payback for the Revolutionary War. You know, 'Yippee-ka-yah, you Yankee bitch! Eat big steel hull! So much for your paltry Revolution!' Much to my surprise, I read this book and found out it was all MY FAULT! All the hate has drained away. But I still can't drink warm beer. Thanks, Cap'n!
  • Lenny - Great Fun!You will often hear others say that this lens is fun, and I totally agree with that. I may not know how to best use an ultrawide, but it has not stopped me from having fun with this lens.

    Distortion is a problem with any lens this wide, but there are ways to manage it. It's not your ideal lens for shooting people (although usable at the long end) but great for indoors, landscape and groups. It's also the only one where I can get usable shots shooting blind (just raise it over your head and shoot type of shots).

    My only regret is not getting this lens sooner. It's an expensive toy, but if you can afford it, you can take lots of fun shots with it.