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  • denny "Book Guru" - Warning: Patrick Geryl holds nothing back in describing the coming cataclysm in 2012!Patrick Geryl is brutally honest in describing this Cataclysm in our near future. Just to give you a small sample found in the foreword:

    "I clearly explained that life after a polar reversal is nothing but horror, pure unimaginable horror. All securities you presently have at hand such as food transportation and medicine will disappear in one big blow, as will our entire civilization, dissolved into nothingness. It cannot be more horrifying than this; worse than the worst nightmare. More destructive than a nuclear war in which the entire global arsenal of nuclear weapons has been deployed. Are you grasping the facts?

    The earth will be subject to total destruction. It will be many times worse than my description. You will know terrible hunger, cold, and pain without the hope of a quick recovery; all knowledge and resources will have been completely destroyed. This will be the reality of your daily life after the forthcoming polar reversal. This is the scenario you will have to fight your way through in order to survive."

    The author of this book states that a pole reversal/slip occurs every 11,500-12,000 years, caused by our sun's solar cycles that occur in this period of time. Geryl goes on to state that if you want to survive you need at least 12-18 thousand dollars minimum to purchase necessary items to survive and you need to pick the right location in the world which does not include North and South America. I gave this book 5 stars because I agree with almost everything Patrick Geryl says in this book except the following points.

    Geryl states on page 96-97 that after the pole shift of 2012, the United States and Canada will be located under the Artic circle (the new South Pole) and North America will be under glaciers just like the last ice age. I don't agree with his logic on this. Another item I disagree with is, what our future population should be limited to because more people, means more pollution. Geryl states that no more than 100 million people should occupy the earth which is an extreme position in my opinion. Even the N.W.O. people say 500 million people are optimal. The world can sustain 1 or 2 billion people easily and should be limited to this. Geryl also states that just before the next polar flip the population of earth should be culled to a mere 100,000 people. That is just absurd; almost as crazy as his suggestion that venereal disease can be cured by fasting for 16 days (page 107). Geryl is a vegetarian that believes in a fruit and vegetable diet and wants to ban many industries in the coming new world which include slaughterhouses, tobacco companies, candy companies, chemical companies (pesticides and herbicides), food companies that process food, and limit the size of cities (avoiding tall buildings) in the pursuit of a much happier society. On page 128, Geryl says:

    "A strong central authority will have to issue strict laws for starting companies and the use of raw materials. This is the only way to prevent ecological catastrophes. Furthermore, we need to make sure that people can earn money, but cannot become rich."

    If I survive this pole shift/reversal, I do not want Geryl in charge of the new world, that's for sure. I value freedom and Geryl, being from Belgium, has a different perspective on what freedom is. And finally, contrary to Geryl, I believe that most governments know of this coming catastrophe and have been preparing for it for years. The USA, China, and Russia have massive underground cities all over the world. I think that most of the underground cities will perish in the coming polar shift, but some will survive. Two years before 2012 Geryl states he will publish this book for free on the web which proves he is sincere and really believes the end of the world is at hand.
  • Natasha S. - love it so farOnly on my second day using but set up was easy and I love it so far. I may download the swiftkey tablet keyboard like the one I have on my SG3, I'm not fond of the standard keyboard. Also, when scrolling on a web page or Pinterest using a stylus can be difficult because it wont scroll, it selects what is on the screen instead...worksfine using your fingers though.
  • Norma - amazing, no lies!I've suffered with acne prone skin since I was about 12. It was severe at first getting better when I was about 16years old. Then after having my kids the acne is slowly reappearing. I came across this regimen on youtube. I must say within the 2nd day I saw results my skin seemed to be glowing and always smoothe. The only thing I didn't do was, use the recommended amount of moisturizer because I found that it was a littl too greasy for me and I already have very oily skin.. Other than that its amazing I definitely see the results!
  • newtothegame2012 - A must have for USMLE Step 1 preparationThis book is a foundation of Step 1 preparation. Its a must buy in my opinion. The book is filled with high yield info, charts, mnemonics, and pictures. The 2012 edition was the first edition to go color but this one seems like a much better because most of the glaring errors have been fixed. A few tips: use this book throughout the school year as you go through your courses and take notes on it. This will help when review time comes. I also took my book to Staples and got it spiral bound, it makes reading and annotating much easier. Good luck everyone.