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  • S. Lucas - Works for me amazingly well!I've suffered from cold sore outbreaks since childhood, and this stuff really really works wonders for me--- especially if I apply it as soon as I get the first tingling sensations of an emerging cold sore. Before using Abeva, my cold sores use to become huge and would last at least two weeks. With Abreva they either do not emerge at all, or stay very very small, and disappear within a few days.
  • awesome - great gamei first got the game for my ipod and i loved it and always played it and now i can play it on my tablet its a great game thanks
  • Felicia Robinson - Best Read of 2011 and beyondThis book about earthchanges and 2012 is about the natural disasters our planet is undergoing. It offers scientific causes for the earthquake in Japan and why other natural disasters will become more frequent. I can't begin to cover the mass of information stored within the pages of this book. What I can do is stress the importance that everyone obtain a copy and find out what our media networks are not telling us. Many people are talking about all the underlying events leading up to 2012. Well, this is the book that makes sense of 2012 and the years to follow.
    You can't afford not to know about all the earthchanges that will affect the human race as we approach the year 2012.
  • kiwanissandy "Go Bucks!" - light and level, great swingMy son who plays for the high school team tried this bat. He loves it, says it's very light, nice control, and swings level. The grip and appearance were also pretty cool. He said it was sweet; apparently that's a good thing. It's not to be used for batting practice per se, but rather when you're actually at the plate. He uses his cheaper Louisville Slugger Response for practice. The coach was impressed and really liked the weight and feel. I received a drop 3, 33/30. My son is 15 and 150 lbs. He loves it, so I love it. Would definitely recommend.
  • sandrajean68 - LOVE this product!!I have been taking this for only 2 weeks and already feel clothes getting lose and it really cured the cravings of comfort foods in the winter. My energy is coming back also. I take it along with the green coffee bean and also Carb Intercept. I also go to the gym 3-4 times a week. For those who say it doesn't work...there is no "magic" pill....its a combination of the right supplements, low carb diet and exercise. This is a great addition to my weight loss journey...its not the "fix" but it is an awesome product that helps!