THE TOHOKU JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE - The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine was founded in 1920. The TJEM is open to original articles in all branches of medical sciences. The TJEM also covers the fields of disaster-prevention science, including earthquake archeology.

Country: Asia, JP, Japan

  • Dietrich Hueber "Dietrich Hueber" - Watch Out Cable T.V.!I have not used any other streaming media devices before (other than a desktop hardwired to a T.V.), but from reviews all over the net, this seems to be the best. Hook it up to your T.V. via HDMI cable (not included) and plug in the power, wait for initialization/setup, and start enjoying. There are hundreds of shows to watch from network T.V. that are freely available, many more non network shows/videos. There are an equal amount of movies, new to really old. There are many features that make this the best unit out there. A few that could be implemented. It has accelerometers in the remote but they're only being used for games with the current software, not for browsing the menus. I assume the accelerometers are using battery whether playing a game or just picking up the remote, a power switch for the accelerometers would extend battery life of the remote, or make a charging dock available. There are many options available to watch network shows and sports. $16 a month will get you most of the network shows streamed in from Hulu and Amazon.
  • Vahagn - Awesome productWell this is one if the best tablets I've ever meet. It works like a charm almost all the time. Sometimes there may be some issues with "The Library" app, which I think is Asus fault. I suggest to turn wifi off if you don't use it, cause it takes almost 70% of battery