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  • Laura Hein - Great purchase for a great price!I was a bit skeptical buying three items for such a low price, however I received everything promised with excellent quality.

    First off, I love the COLOR! It is almost identical to the pictures, and although previously complained about, I found that the color of the keyboard cover matches the hardcover almost perfectly. Just a warning though, the hardcover is not very see-thru. At a glance, you cannot see the silver hardware of the laptop, just the Robin Egg Blue color of the cover. This was not an issue for me since I think the color is fantastic. The only thing that is see-thru is the glowing apple when the laptop is in use.

    The FIT of the cover is excellent, it snaps right on to the laptop. There are two ridges that stick up near the mouse pad, however they do not interfere with typing or cause discomfort for your wrists, unless you accidentally slide them over. The keyboard cover fits great and provides excellent protection against spills, dirty fingers, grease, etc.

    The MATERIAL is awesome. The hardcover feels very smooth and not at all like cheap plastic. It arrived with no bumps or scratches! The keyboard cover material is quite thick, and it takes time to get used to typing quickly with it. Everything is printed identically on the keyboard cover as it is on the keyboard so you don't have to worry about trying to see through the plastic or memorizing keys.

    Finally, I liked that the bottom hardcover includes four small cushion pads on the corners for extra protection on hard surfaces. The screen protector includes a microfiber cloth to wipe the screen before putting on the screen protector. Shipping was extremely quick and the product arrived much sooner than expected.
    I am extremely pleased with the product and the provider. I would buy this product again if needed and I most certainly will recommend it to friends! I'm very happy that I purchased these products here rather than similar over-priced ones at stores. Buy this!!
  • R. Fornfeist - Thank goodness I was talked into this procedureI was talked into trying the h202 treatment by friends. Were they ever right in touting the positives about hydrogen peroxide. I borrowed the One Minute Cure book, and later purchased my own. It was so easy to follow the instructions for using h202 in the book. Easy to understand and put to use. After completeing the initial phase, and now on the maintenance dose, here's what h202 has done for me. Asthma no longer a problem after 30 years, no more use of breathalizers. My trouble with the male BPH problem has just about disapeared, and I have stopped using medication for this. As I am 70 years old, I was beginning to feel the effects of old age forgetfullness, that has all but disapeared. Also in closing, I would like to mention that other then the taste of the diluted h202, I experienced no ill feelings at all. I would hope that anybody trying this procedure has as much luck with it, as I do. Purchase the One Minute Cure book.
  • Daniel McDeavitt - Avoidance and Denial getting you down???This book/journey/process/meditation will help.
    Words cannot do justice to the degree of change this book's lessons helped to bring about for myself over the past year.
    Anyone who has asked themselves "Why can't I create?" or says "What if?" or "Only if!" would benefit from the journey this book takes you upon. Whether you go through the book by yourself or with a group (i've done both), the change within you is inevitable. We just (we=six artists) just completed the cycle this month (11/01) and will start again in January.
    Bring it on!
  • D. Bryan - More people need to use thisThis lets me and my wife track all of our bills, spending, and budget for the future. More people should use this to track their finances and be more aware of where their money is going.

    Just an FYI the 2013 version is coming with smart phone compatibility and I've been wanting that for a long time so be sure to check that out.
  • consuela banks - I love it!I was wanting to buy an Ipad for myself. However, my husband still needed to be dragged into the 21st century, so I bought the Galaxy Tab 2 for him, since it also has a good reputation. Well, I am the one using it, and I really like it!! It's the first tablet for either of us, so I can't compare it with anything else, but it's so versatile. It's a wonderful computer substitute away from home.