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  • RedRider - Essential GuideRick Steve's 2012 guidebook did not disappoint and became essential to our recent trip to Florence and the Tuscany region. The book provided very helpful tips and great background information to so many things that we needed to make our trip more enjoyable. His suggestions regarding trains and the how-to in purchasing tickets were perfect. His walking tours were spot on and really helped provide the historical foundation to what we were viewing. We agreed with his recommendations on visiting surrounding towns. I highly recommend purchasing it.
  • Dan - Quicken 2013We love this program! To be able to enter our receipts on the fly with our smartphone or tablet keeps us so much more organized! I would highly recommend this product, even if you are already using Quicken! This is worth the cost of the upgrade!
  • V Feinsod - Is It 'Radical" or Forgotten Normal?Through out the reading of David Platt's, Radical, I found myself pondering the question; "Is this really radical christianity or have we simply become so far removed from the instruciton of scripture and the leadership of the Holy Spirit that we do not know what normal is for a disciple of Christ?' And what I found encouraging is that the author seemed to be asking himself the same question. It is always nice to be challenged by an author who is seriously considering his own journey as well.

    Platt continually challenges the reader to consider the call of Christ to take the Gospel to the whole world as being upon every ebeliver, not a select few. This directly challenges the idea regularly promoted that there is a select crew of people, worthy of our pity, that have to go to the world bearing the truth fo the Gosple while the rest of us get to hang at home and live the good life. Platt sees this as a foolish perspective and his case is rock solid.

    There is nothing new in this book. But it feels new and that made me uncomfortable. It forces the reader to move away from the ever present intellectual acceptance of what a believer is, to the less present perspective of obedient submission to obey Christ. The clear, simple language employed removes the ability to dismiss the author's position becasue he is founding it all upon the Word of God and in the reading it become clear that he is ot grabbing a verse here or there to support his position. It appears that Platt has engaged with the biblical truths until it has become life and vision to him.

    I belive that no person could read this book and not experience confrontation to comfortable beliefs, self serving living, self inflicted ignorance of the Word and love of this world's treasures. It may not be an easy or pleasant journey but it may be one of the most important a reader can take. But as you read don't just think about what you read, apply it to the life you live.
  • Robert B. Kidd - Great ValueYesterday we installed a Western Digital My Book Live Duo (dumbest name...ever) server with 6 terabytes of storage to replace our failed server. Within the first 48 hours we had:

    1) formatted two 3TB drives in Raid 1 (drive to drive mirrored backup)

    2) installed all of our backed up music and photographic images

    3) backed up the server to an external hard drive (you simply cannot trust any of these devices), after calling the free concierge service number for technical help (some one was not looking at the correct on line manual).

    4) backed up a Windows 7 PC to the server using WD Smartware

    5) linked Time Machine on two OS X Mac Books to the server

    6) accessed the server remotely via free web site hosting

    7) accessed the server via iPhone & iPad

    8) received backup status email sent automatically by the server

    The end game is that the server centralizes all of our music and photography, performs automatic backup of all of our computers and the server is backed up to itself (nightly), using Raid AND backed up to an external hard drive.

    If you think that this is over the top, tell me how you would feel if you lost all of your photos, music and your unpublished novel...devastated, I know.
  • Capt A. Braidy - Pretty decent fuel.Made for pretty decent fuel in my space craft. One small cannister managed to get me all the way to Kepler-10b, and then some. It's very cheap too, compared with prices in the Draco constellation. Will definitely be buying more next time I stop by Earth, Uranium as a fuel is outlawed this side of the Lyra system.