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  • nannamary2002 - A winner! My grandkids love it!My grand kids love animals and love to play video games. Kinectimals is their favorite game now....that they have ever played. Hannah is 6 and she plays the game daily, never getting tired of it. The game is varied enough so there is always some newness to it. And although she has to stand there and use her body to make the game play...the physical activity involved is not too intense that she gets tired and sweaty after too much play. She loves the talking lemur....we do not find there are too many talking tutorials....and the talking has a story-book like the kids actually listen unless they are too excited to start playing. I am so glad I got this game. I have 8 grandchildren all under the age of eight who love this. Probably not for kids aged 10 and over. It really is for the little guys. Grandparents and mommies and daddies will have fun too, just watching. The graphics are beautiful and the animation very well done. The big cat cubs are adorable and very responsive.
  • JohnFTL - Love it!I'm a late adapter by choice these days and this is my first tablet. I didn't buy it from Amazon because I found it new on sale at a nicely discounted price elsewhere. I bought it just under a month ago and I haven't really had the time to dig into all the features on it but so far I've had no issues with it and I'm loving what I see. The only thing I didn't know is that the newest versions of Flash isn't compatible with the newer Android OS's. I see that some people are giving this tablet bad reviews because of this, but this problem is very easily solved by downloading an older, archived version of Flash from the Adobe website. That's what I did, and mine now plays internet videos and streams flawlessly. This thing is fast. It has a nice camera and good basic features. I bought a leather case with a blutooth keyboard for it because I hate typing on touch screens, and it works great. It comes with a decent amount of internal memory but I added memory just in case I need it. I love that it is so compact and easy to carry around, and it has a nice heft to it so it doesn't feel light and cheap like some others I've looked at out there. Have to be careful where you put it down though. Its so small and thin that someone could easily steal it and slip in in their jacket or a handbag. This tablet is a thing of beauty. The colors and brilliance of the images on the screen are impressive. I don't have anything bad to say about it at all. I looked at the Ipad before I bought this, and although I'm not knocking Apple (because I own some of their products), to me, this Samsung tablet is a much better value. If you're planning to get a tablet I recommend getting this one.
  • Skip M - Inside Out Approach to PsoriasisExcellent book on using diet to address psoriasis. I have used the traditional approaches - tanning and skin creams (prescription and OTC) - with limited success. Seems like the big P keeps coming back. I have been on the Pagano recommended diet for several weeks and there are no dramatic changes yet, but I have hope that this new approach will have positive effects over the long run, plus it gets rid of a lot of the bad actors that result in weight gain (sugar, white flour, etc.).

    Psoriasis has been a life long battle for me. This natural approach to getting it under control makes sense and provides a long term guideline for keeping it under control.
  • lvnddrm - Great Switch from Quicken Home and BusinessI have a Mac and had been using Quicken Home and Business running virtually with Parallels. Never liked the idea of having Windows XP on my new Mac. Hello.......that's why I switched to Mac. I was a little apprehensive on making the switch to Quickbooks for Mac after reading tons of reviews. I would have to say the switch has been VERY easy and satisfying. Dont believe all the knocks from the PCers. Program isn't perfect......but has worked great so far for me. I own a small residential cleaning and construction company and QB for Mac meets all my current needs. Don't fear......try it out for yourself and see!! And no........I dont work for Intuit! Godspeed from Cincy.
  • Mule Train - We are having our third child!!!I bought this shirt for my wife's birthday present. She laughed when she opened the gift. Later she put it on and she laughed no more. The power of the 3 wolf moon took over her inner being and what emerged can only be described as "animalistic." 4 weeks later and I am happy to announce that we have another child on the way. Thanks three wolf moon.