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  • DavidP - The most profound book I've ever readThere is much talk these days about a paradigm shift. I certainly hope that this is true. We really need one. And if there is, I am convinced that this book will be looked back on in the years to come as the most significant book of our times. It will be viewed as the book that cemented the shift.I didn't think I would ever find a book like this. It not only gives beautiful expression to a world and a world of thought that I had come to think as irretrievably extinct, but it does it with so much power and background knowledge drawing with clarity and precision from many fields that are normally viewed as distinct disciplines (Philosophy, Anthropology, History, Linguistics) and puts it all together into a whole that is certainly greater than the sum of it's parts.But it is also far more than an academic tour de force. David Abram is a magician in more than one sense. This book is itself truly a piece of magic.For anyone who cares about planet earth, nature, mankind and our future, this book is an absolute must-read! Sure, some people will misinterpret it or read into it what they want. Maybe even reject it's basic premise outright. But if any book has the power to turn our thinking around (which I believe must happen for us to survive), this is it. Or at least, it's a fabulous start.Good work, David!
  • Gary B. White, M.D. - A Serious Diet for a Serious DiseaseThis is a serious book meant for those who suffer with serious disease and meant to be followed precisely. The book dictates a meticulous diet which in my experience produces good results among those who follow it faithfully. Those who merely thumb through, give it a glance, and fail to follow its instruction will invariably fail, while those who read it, study and follow it closely have a better than good chance of improving their condition. Of course it must be used in conjunction with good medical advice, proper medication and aggressive follow up by a trained physician.
  • Sarah "Loving CO" - Watch baby develop before your eyes!I realized, at about 8 weeks, that I needed more stimulation for my baby. We played together all day long, but I felt she needed something that she could do on her own. Enter the Piano Gym. I love this thing!

    When we first got it, I put only two toys on it so as not to overstimulate her. But, in the beginning, the mirror would have been all she needed! She was a little tentative on the kicking of the piano, but seemed to like it. She could go only about 10 minutes max before she got a little overstimulated.

    We kept playing with it and in just one short week, she is now constantly kicking at the piano keys and batting at the toys! She can go about 20 minutes before she's ready for something else - which is usually just being in my arms.

    It's just really neat to watch the baby learn and grow!
  • Christopher A. Dowling "tintinet" - So far, so great!After reading reports of problems with these tablets, I was prepared to find it lacking and return it, but so far, it's been great! After charging I updated it to ICS, added some apps, and have had flawless performance. No problems with wifi or anything else. Terrific screen, good sound, great camera!