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  • Research - a must have item!This chair is awesome! My baby is 3 months old and is comfortable sitting in it for about 1/2 an hour each morning while I wash dishes, make lunches etc. He doesn't fall over and I don't have to worry that he will fall out. The material is soft and easily cleanable. Additionally the mobility of the chair allows us to have a great place for him to sit just about where ever we go. A must have item!
  • Dennis Cejka - Pocket with a punchThis is a Nurse's Drug Guide for the seasoned nurse on the front-line, not for the novice. So far as I have seen, it is quite up to date and accurate. The nursing "shorthand" takes a bit of getting used to when one has been accustomed to "hyper" and "hypo" being written out in other, less concise drug guides.
  • Eric Wentworth "Eric Charles Wentworth" - Still the best career guide on the marketRichard Bolles' "What Color is Your Parachute" is still the gold standard for career management. It's the first place anyone should begin who is interested in managing their career or finding a job. What I find truly remarkable is how Bolles has managed to keep the book updated, fresh and relevant over so many least two decades. I've encountered several people who have said this book changed their life. You can't get a much better recommendation than that.
  • Sandy - I LOVE THIS HOSE!!!!Lots of bad reviews here and I'm amazed. Every year my flowers end up dying because I don't want to mess with that big heavy hose that's always an eye sore in our yard. I bought 2 pocket hoses at walgreens and put them together for 100 ft. I've used them almost daily for nearly 2 months. When I turn the water off the hose literally comes back to me, and then I put it in a flower pot. If it breaks, I will take it back to Walgreens and get another. I will never do rubber hoses again. I am ONE HAPPY GARDENER (my flowers are happy too)