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  • OptimusPrime - It's magic. Prevention is better than cureMagically amazing product.
    My face was clean until I started facing this acne torture. This product is just amazing because as soon as you come to know or start feeling a tingling sensation under your skin, immediately apply this and wait for few hours. Boom.... it's done.
    I started using Proactiv 3 step treatment recently but this (Proactiv Solution Advanced Blemish Treatment) product took me by surprise. I used Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Vanishing Acne Treatment, which works as well but Proactiv is way smoother and once it dries up it even fades the redness or scar color.
    I would like to say that this works 101% on preventing acne/pimples to pop on your skin. Curing an existing pimple is a pain and time consuming task. This is all from experience. You only need little portion of this treatment to cover the affected area and so this tube lasts for a while though the quantity is less. This is not a moisturizer that you have to apply it all over your face.
    Remember, prevention is better than cure. Go for it...
  • Dale in Tenn "Dale" - Great Reference BookAs I've mentioned in reviews of other works by Walkenback, his work is outstanding. This is indeed a reference book. If you sit down and read this at one setting, cover to cover, you may need medical attention.

    As far as a complete, well organized book on Excel? There is no other compared to this book. Get it, keep it handy, you will really enjoy the speed with which you can find material of immediate value to your work.
  • Azure - Better than I expectedAfter reading all the reviews of all the software out there even trying a few nothing was going to fit what I wanted,I fought it for a while waited till I could not keep track anylonger, what a mess changing everything and all the years I have backed up. I have been a quicken user since they started and every 3 years I get pissed that they sundown it. So this year I'm reading all the horrible things that happen to others that have bought it so why are there so many negatives? I don't know, I finally bought it and am really pleased with how it works it is better and they did fix a few stupid things that were in 2009 on of them how it is backed up in one file now and it asks if you want to overwrite the old on. All I can say is maybe people need to update their computers,I build them so I'm on top of the tech side, it works great for me transferred over perfectly, I am a simple user I just do online banking and I you can down load your bank info free. I am giving a 5 star rating because of so many low star reviews,even though I had to shell out the money.
  • muhlan "muhlan" - The best Windows Phone 8 on the market so farThis is in my opinion the best windows phone 8 smartphone so far.

    The display is fantastic and the the speed is awesome. The battery life is a bit poor at the beginnig but it gets better over time if you use the tipps from wpcentral.

    The camera is also great although there are some problems with the daytime pics. But the new update should fix much of the problems.

    I really like the Nokia specific apps like Nokia Drive (offline navigation worldwide for free) and city lense.

    The only really annoying thing is the still long delivery time since Nokia seems to have overwhelmed by the demand or to have production problems.

    App selection is fine for me, but others might miss the 10,0000th fart app so they should better stick with Android or Apple. The WP8 OS is quite simple and easy to handle although it has still some annoying missing features (like calender view or the video function).
  • DawnC - Great personal coffee brewerI bought this for myself. I am not much of a coffee drinker and I was wasting a lot of money over brewing. Having a single cup has been a dream come true. And the flavors are amazing. I drink flavored coffee. I cannot stand regular coffee. I have not had any issues with the coffee pot. It's been a joy using it. I usually brew up 2 cups. The kids also get to use it for hot chocolate and Apple Cider.
    I paid less for mine through greenmountaincoffee. Sign up for their cafe express and you save money. Do a search on google. I bet you can find it cheaper. I think it's worth the money!
    To save even more money buy the my k-cup to go with it. Then you can use your own coffee instead of buying k-cups.