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  • Jillian Sprenger "Jillybeans08" - Amazing product for seltzer lovers.This is such a great buy. I drink a lot of seltzer and my roommate drinks a lot of soda. I recommend buying an extra bottle set to keep different flavors in your fridge at all times. It is amazing how quickly water can be turned into seltzer. I am keeping a tally to see how many bottles we can make with the large co2 cartridge. We have had the machine for less than a week and have already made about six bottles. We are obsessed, as well as our friends. It is great to know that we can make as much soda we want without paying for cans and bottles. It feels good to reduce the amount of waste associated with cans and bottles as well. This thing will pay for itself very quickly. No need to pay more for something "fancier". This is quite easy to use. Sometimes simplicity is all you need. I will advise you that the fizz does go out fairly quickly in the bottle and should not be opened more than two-three times per use. Drink up!
  • Rafael Granado - Excellent productI bought it for my mom an since the first pill it worked great

    I would recomend it to any suffering for stomach problems
  • J. Quinones - Ps4 works.....but packaging was horribleYou cant go wrong with getting a PS4 right now. Console launches typically dont have that great of games to show full potential of the system, but ill patiently wait a few months till something good comes out.

    I was worried about the integrity of my PS4 when I examined the packaging done by Amazon. The tape on the box was basically blowing in the wind and not really serving its purpose for keping my box closed....I coukd stick my entire arm into the box without even removing any tape....I can only assume the tape had not been sticky enough when applied so it just didnt stick.

    bubble air stuff was loosely placed in the box and the console was wrapped in 2 small thin layers of bubble wrap.

    I use to package stuff in a warehouse for shipping, amazon clearly needs to QC there packaging methods.