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  • John in Alex "John" - Good programI have used TaxCut/H&R Block for at least 10 years. Each year it seems to get better, but not change enought to make it difficult to go from one year to the next. This is a tough year as the change in the tax law was so late. I like the new feature at the first page giving the status of updates and information about when to file and when you should wait.
  • jpbolen - Tentatively hopefulI too heard the pitch on a Dr. Oz promo and it resonated with me. So I taped the show, watched it later and decided I could commit 20 days of my life to try this program. I'm not overweight. I am at the top end of my range, post-menopausal and tired of being tired. I too eat healthy, don't eat out much, and am moderately active. What I am though is allergic to absolutely everything outside, most things inside and several odd foods, including, supposedly, chickpeas, which appear on the diet on day 3 or 4. Although, the doctor said I reacted to almost everything they tested on me. My allergies would cause my esophagus to seize while eating proteins, causing several embarrassing issues in public. My thought was that by following The Plan I could calm my system down and begin again to find out what were my triggers and learn to live a life with foods I knew wouldn't set me off. I started the week ahead of time with the water, MSM, probiotics, B-12 and Kelp (after determining low thyroid function). With that practice in place, I hit the health food store and stocked up on groceries for the week, wrote out the menu on one side and the recipes on the other side of a journal and began. I can't agree that the flax granola will ever become addictive, but I can deal with it for the time being and make it a twice-weekly part of my diet in the future. I do agree you can put the spicy-coconut sauce on anything and it tastes good. On day five of the program now and I've lost 3 pounds. But the greatest side effect for me is that I have taken no Prilosec for four days now. My acid reflux was so severe the doctors were going to schedule a scope next year. I knew living on large doses of Prilosec long term was bad. But even removing coffee and chocolate from my diet gave me no relief. Last night I had my one ounce of chocolate, felt a little twinge, but was able to sleep without any issues. My only real recommendation is try this, you'll feel better. And get the bound copy, not the Kindle one. It is a pain to transfer back and forth from the menu to the recipes on a Kindle.
  • Gift Card "Fred" - Very easy upgradeI won't go into opinion on Win8 versus other versions of Windows or features of Win8. What I will say is the upgrade option went perfectly for me, keeping all of my settings and data.

    It completed in about 20 minutes and I did have to install one driver for my PCIE sound card that did not carry over, but other than that it was hands free magic.

    If you're worried about using the upgrade process with Win8, don't it's easy and they got it right.
  • Jeffrey R Forbes - The daily puzzle starts my day off right!I have bought this calendar every year since 1998. It is the perfect way for me to start my day out right. While there are some factoids that don't interst me as much as others (simple math using babylonian characters for example.) I thoroughly enjoy the mixture of geometry, trigonometry, and general math topics the calendar questions pose.

    By the way, the answer for each problem is given. (The answer is the day of the month, i.e., the answer on the 15th is 15.) It is your job to come up with the solution that gets you to that answer.
  • John Kwok - Superb Word Processing, Spreadsheet and Presentation SoftwareI'm not sure what the rationale is for Microsoft to offer this as "Office Home and Business 2013" at a higher price than the "Office Home & Student 2013", since it contains as an addition, the opportunity to e-mail calendars and tasks via Outlook. Nor am I sure what the major difference are between its versions of WORD, EXCEL and POWERPOINT with the prior Office 2010 version, since I have been using primarily Office 2007 for years. However, I can note how pleasantly surprised I was with the new document templates in WORD - as well as spreadsheet templates in EXCEL - that make desktop publishing substantially less of a chore than it could be; for example, in WORD, there are templates for creating fliers and other marketing tools. To its credit Microsoft has gone out of its way to make this some of the most useful user-friendly software I have used, starting with a video tour of this product. I also have to commend Microsoft for keeping much of the same layout as I know with WORD 2007, making it quite easy to retrieve and to edit documents, and to save them in earlier WORD formats as well as others. Anyone needing a superb word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software that is truly state-of-the-art won't be disappointed with this latest incarnation of MS OFFICE.