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  • M. Blanton "book worm" - Super reader, book club junkieI can not tell you how much I love my Kindle2! Lay in bed and read without a heavy book, but it is a heavy book! The placement of the "next page" areas are just that - areas! I took it to book club and.... we could go to the New York times Best Sellers or the Top Kindle Sellers or New and Noteworth Books list! We could choose the next four or five books we wished to read BECAUSE the lists are interesting, and it allowed us to read a page or two.

    I am reading along and need a word. Click on the GREAT dictionary which is included. The response is right there on the bottom of the page where I am reading.

    Take notes. The keyboard works even for my "fat fingers."

    The gals in my bridge club wound up buying some. The gals in my two books clubs wound up buying some. A school is going completely to Kindle for its library!

    All you need to do is start seeing how easy it is to use and fun to take on trips (Loved it on the plane!) Please know that I am a 65 year old woman... and blonde to boot! It is so easy to use. I love this KINDLE.
  • The Profit - Prime.I own both the iPad 2 and the transformer Prime, and I absolutely am flat out impressed with the overall experience thus far of the Prime. I have an iPhone, iPods, nanos, everything from Apple, and was super hesitant to get the Prime, but for work and leisure I couldn't be more pleased. Where as my iPad 2 was great at first, this new tablet really steals the show. A lot sites that I previously couldn't fully functionally use with the iPad 2 are now available to me on the Prime. The keyboard design is phenomenal. I suggest you try both before you pick. Make sure that the Prime is in performance mode and prepare to be amazed. There are a bunch of videos online that you can find that helped me decide on the Prime, but you gotta try it out. Love my new Asus!