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  • Zechariah E. Guadiana - Worth the Price and the TasteAfter giving vegan weight training a few month run, I have to say there is an incomparably good feeling I've gotten when taking Raw Meal.

    The mixture is tasteless and is, at the least, capable of being mixed provided you have an immersion blender. This allows for a great deal of possibility.
    Doctor the mix with some stevia and almond milk along with any flavor you choose and you have a downright palatable drink. Given the sheer amount of dirt born sprout and plant crammed in this mix, it's a feat which I don't take lightly.

    The meal is very filling and lasts a good 4 hours. In addition the vitamin content is palpable and you get a very clean burn off the foodstuff inside.

    I've still kept muscle gain up with this product and haven't seen a slump in weight. For active people on the go looking for a quick mixing, very filling, and almost too healthy alternative to an ensure or a bottle of amphetamines this would be the way to go. I can almost guarantee you'll feel some energy after regular use.
  • Barbara J. Abston - Prefer Align over other BrandsMy doctor recommended a Probiotic supplement. When I pressed him for a brand name after taking several different ones, he finally said "Align". Since no probiotic is cheap I figured I'd get what the dr. considered to be preferable.
  • D. Sanguinetti - A positive review from a teenage girlThis was a wonderful story, written by Bethany Hammilton herself. It is very discriptive when describing the events on the day of the attack, and also talks about her life afterword. This is a book that is very hard to put down once you start it. It is a very quick read that is very injoyable. Bethany talks alot about her religion and how she believes that God has helped her and the He has a plan for her life. I highley recomend this book.
  • J. Williams "j_bird" - if you have the weights, this is a no brainerSaves space, makes the weights far easier to access, and looks nice. This ultimately is just a stand with a towel rack *cough bar across the middle cough* But it was well thought out, the angle which it has your weights make picking them up less strenuous on your back and arms. I feel if you're getting the Selecttech's you should make sure you order the stand to go along with them. The wheels are a nice touch as I have mine on a hard floor and being able to roll it around makes getting them out of the way when I'm done working out a snap.
  • Beach Ma - Kindle Book ReviewI received my Kindle for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I find that it is very easy to use it. Products are normally right handed originated and since I am left handed I do find that the page turner works well from either side of the reader. The only thing that I do find is that it is hard to determine what page I am on because it does not have the page number. So it difficult to tell how far you are into the book unless you go to the table of contents. To me it's the greatest Christmas gift I ever received. I did buy a different leather case from amazon that holds the reader better.