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  • markymarc "Xrayspex" - Mesmerizing!!...and John Legend wasn't bad either!It was a warm summer evening July 9, 2011 (still daylight) in downtown Cleveland, Ohio with bumper to bumper traffic searching for a good parking spot. Just a few blocks away was a parking garage then the trek to the Quicken Loans arena. Going down the stairs to the awaiting floor seats just second section, center second row. The pounding of the bass drum signaling the start of John Legend's set beginning with Rolling In the Deep. Yes John Legend, not Adele. Must have been his favorite song at the time (as well as everybody else's!!). Excellent opening act.

    Now the moment we have been waiting for with Soldier of Love, the opening from Apocalypse Now!! First thing I thought of anyway! Then the diva rising from the floor with the rest of her band!!! What a build up!! From then on, one after the other; Your Love is King, Skin to the dramatic opening of Smooth Operator & that kick ass bass solo that I never get tired of (& neither does Sade by her reaction!!). The lighting, sets, alternate, rockier versions of her biggest hits (Paradise my personal fave!) giving us the fans so much bang for our buck. I give this 5 stars as an ultimate souvenir of such an incredible night of music & class. The night was an anniversary present to ourselves (21st BTW!!) & we couldn't ask for better.

    As far as the few criticisms go for this performance, it is definitely not the same as being there. I can clearly see the flaws in the DVD/Blue ray. But a must have document for any Sade fan that has been there or wasn't fortunate to see it in person. Her heart was definitely in this show! Thank you Sade Adu and your incredible band for such a mesmerizing, magical & unforgettable concert experience.
  • Jane Piller-Wilson - Be Gokhalesque!Esther Gokhale has done everyone a favor by making the Gokhale Method available in a book. The book is clear, well documented through beautiful photographs and illustrations, and is true to the information given in her classes.

    Does the Gokhale Method work? My 16 year old would offer an enthusiastic YES! Eight months of working with top notch doctors and physical therapists only exacerbated his injury. We were told to seek alternative approaches and fortunately found Esther. By learning to sit, stand and move in ways that took pressure off the disc, healing could finally begin. And it did! It is wonderful to see him competing in sports again.
    In our household, living without back pain has meant learning to be Gokhalesque.
  • Cathy K - Works for me!I can't recall ever writing a review before on Amazon but want to let people know that this plan has really worked for me. Finishing week 3 and down 14 pounds, clothes are looser, feeling very good and sleeping better than I have in years. I am very pleased with the results so far.

    I saw this on Dr Oz and it made sense to me. I never had a weight problem until menopause and have tried several diets with varying degrees of success. I am very active but the weight kept creeping up and the idea of revving up my metabolism made sense to me. I have not followed it 100%---If I want a cup of coffee, I have it, although I don't really want coffee much anymore. I allow one night a week to go out to dinner and have wine. And I don't count calories. But I have eliminated wheat and refined sugar, and I follow the phases and exercises for each phase closely other than what I've mentioned.. The variety of different phases keeps it easy for me to follow the plan. I don't like phase 2 at all (veggies and protein only) but for two days a week, I can tolerate it.

    I followed the book just fine (hardcover). I do have a feeling it was rushed to publish as some things are confusing but Ive ultimately been able to figure them out. I love some of the recipes and look forward to the cook book due out at the end of the year.