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  • Kevin Rourke "Kevin R" - Honey, put down the chainsaw!...that's what my girlfriend said to me the day our Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer arrived.

    Some say it's an art form. I say it's simply the right tool for the job. Slicing bananas with my Black & Decker 20V MAX chainsaw got the job done every day. Don't get me wrong, it took a lot of skill, and cleaning up was a thing, but there's nothing like having freshly sliced bananas on my morning oatmeal to start the day. With my Black & Decker, I went through a lot of bamboo cutting boards, however; I found the cross-laminate construction completely inadequate to withstand the cutting action of the chainsaw, which is why I give a one-star review to Totally Bamboo elsewhere on Amazon. (In my own defense, sawing the Formica countertop in half was caused by an unripe banana; I felt I needed to lean in--lesson learned.)

    Today I use a Hutzler 571 and to my utter surprise it does the job quite well. It won't fell a North American Hardwood tree, but it will slice a banana. I just wish my girlfriend told me about the Hutzler before I lost a leg cutting another unripe banana.
  • David Rowell "Kenfolk" - Transformer Prime GraySo far I am loving my Transformer Prime!! Below are just a couple apps that should help you utilize your tablet to the fullest

    I was able to view folders on my Windows machine over a LAN network, I just needed to install ES File Explore and go to the LAN view, clicked new and it found my computer and the shared files instantly.

    To play the .mkv HD videos I have I ended up getting MX Video Player and it was able to play the 720p movies I had flawlessly, you just have to press down on the video file, click Open As, select video, the it asks which app you want to open it in you choose MX Video Player and you are good to go.
  • Backbone - Not so Skeptical anymoreI initially doubted that the product was going to work, I had tried other medicated products and nothing worked, So... I gave it a shot, the first try I applied at night as recommended but the next day by 8 am there was already wet marks from my arm pits, but I didn't give up as suggested if it don't work the first time try it again, well I did that night, and the next day even with a sweater over my dress shirt I didn't sweat, and...I have not sweat since. I definitely recommend this product, It really works