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  • jhobbs1211 - Very Good Trick BikeI ordered this bike and it came in three days and it was very easy to assemble. I have been riding it every day for around 6 months and it has been very good. I have jumped stairs and there is no damage on the bike. It is very light and good looking. I ride breakless and the tires have held up well with the abuse of skidding. I was hit by a car going around twenty miles per hour and the rim was bent in half. The car hit directly on the fork and no damage was done. This is the fastest bike I have rode. I replaced the front rim, put bmx pedals on,put bmx stem and bars, and am planning on getting new straps. The clips it comes with work good but arent good looking. Overall, the bike is worth way more than it is selling for and is very good. When riding it around you will receive many complements.
  • TeaganAllen - Changed my life!I am only 23 years old but I have had problems since I started puberty. I've always had a lot of thick discharge, smells, and once I started having sex, lots of infections and pain. I finally got so tired of it and did my research and found out it was a bacteria problem. I started taking these pills every day and occasionally using the vaginal gel. Things have changed dramatically for me. I don't remember how long it took to start working but when it did I was so releaved. Finally the answers to my problems! Give it some time and if you have these problems...they will go away as long as you take these pills. I did try and stop using them and all my problems came back to me. I think $30 a month is worth giving away for fixing such an embarassing and disgusting issue!!!
  • Justin Stanchfield - My Mother's PeopleBeing 1/126 Native American, wearing this incredible Three Wolves Howling at Moon Tee-shirt has a special signifigance for me. Each time I wear the shirt I feel connected to my Mother's Peple. No, not the Soiux nation... werewolves. My family comes from a long line of lycanthropes, and just seeing the image on this tee brings back memories of chasing rabbits and terrorizing peasants beneath the autumn moon. It lets me tell my fellow loup garrou 'brothers I am with you. Howl on!'
  • licensedbeautypro "Love by Holly Nicole" - licensed cosmetologists reviewOk, one word.....Yummy! Think pina colodas (sp?) ladies. Your hair will smell of exotic places and sexy suntanned bodies, whew, better take a sec to compose myself...........yes, its that good. For all you gals that haven't tried Wen yet, this is a great scent to try first. Enjoy! Pass the frozen coconut adult libations, please!

    Holly Nicole, Glamour Couture
  • Bone "JLLaser-net" - Seagate wins again, A little large of a case but USB 3.0 is great.I've been working on formatting all my laptops and starting from scratch to get rid of the all the bloatware that the manufactures like to put on their laptops. This drive made it a pleasure to do so. I was easily able to backup all my data rather fast (even for USB 2.0 on the old laptop).

    I'm not much of a person to use the seagate backup utility but I did give a shot on my newer laptop before formatting and it worked pretty good. They have nice explanations in video format of how to do everything within the system and it all works pretty good. The software and videos take up about 600MB of space on the drive. Not much compared to it's 500GB size. The software seems to work OK with windows but when you put it wit a MAC things don't work out so well... LOL. I ran into several issues on a friend Mac that just resulted in me not worrying about it.

    For me though, I don't bother with the 3rd party backup utilities. I'd rather have my files free and ready to go at anytime and just be able to drag and drop as normal elsewhere. Granted their newer system does allow for a lot of that. You can just copy them right off the harddrive at any point which is kind of nice. Unlike older backups that stored the files within folders you couldn't access unless you were in the software that created the backup. I'm strongly reconsidering using the software on a regular though, it's not bad at all. I just have a hard time getting used to a program doing my backups for me...

    As for transfer speeds:
    USB2.0 I saw transfer rated of 18MB writing sustained for long periods of time, slowest it ever got was 15MB. Reading I was seeing as high as 28-29MB for transferring files back onto the system after format and re-install of OS (Windows 7 64b), slowest was near 18-19 range. So even if you are using this with an older 2.0 device you will certainly see some improvements over other drives out there for transfer.

    USB3.0: Speeds were all over the map, I saw no less than 50MB but did see upwards of 100MB and for extended periods as well. I will say, USB3.0 does make life easier..

    I do still like my eSATA port drives though. I do like seeing rates up in the hundreds constantly with those. I would like to see eSATA being adopted more by portable drives but for the most part I have resorted to buying eSATA cases and dropping my favorite drives into them.

    CASE / FINISH, the case is slightly larger than my other portable drives but not enough to make it a bad thing, just not as pocketable as others out there. The fit and finish of this product is pretty nice overall though, it even comes with a nice protective plastic wrapper, I tend to leave those on for as long as possible so I don't scratch up the cases. The case is kind of a brushed metal anodized type finish, rather sharp looking when you peel back the plastic. It's not glossy though, which is a good thing, I don't like finger prints all over my devices and this finish will help to not show them.

    HEAT production: I didn't notice the case getting hot during transfers, I kind of expected it would but it remained relatively cool. I don't know if this is a good thing or not. I don't know if it's "insulating" the drive inside and keeping heat in or if it's just a cool running drive. I don't mind it when the case is used as a heat sink for the drive as it helps to dissipate the heat away from it.

    Indicator light: unlike a lot of other drives seagate decided to go with a white light indicator light versus a red or whatever. I kind of like the clean look of just a simple white light.

    Internal workings: I haven't dissected this drive/case just yet but I'm tempted to and if I can find a safe means to open it up and take some photos of the internals I will do so. I will have to work at with some of my plastic case tools so I don't damage the case and can put it back together.

    Overall, a pretty darn good product thus far. If I ever run into issues I will be sure to report back as issues tend to aggravate me into doing so, LOL.