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  • S. Murphy - Not as good as Falun Gong Forced Organ Harvest set but still AWESOME!I bought my daughter this because she was developing an unhealthy attitude questioning authority. We used to run drills at home. I would tell her she had to stand in the microwave and she would just roll her eyes. Now that she's got this in her toy box she's been more understanding about her responsibility to subject herself to warrantless searches and cancer-causing radiation.

    Still, not as good as the Falun Gong Forced Organ Harvest play set. She really dug that, but the tiny, plastic organs kept getting lost.
  • Lisa - got pregnent in 10 daysmy boyfriend and i have been ttc for 6mos and still nothing i surfed around and found fertilaid although i was skepticali tried it althoughi didnt find out i was pregnent till a month later altrasound showed i was preg. in november wich means after taking the pills for 10 days we concieved.
  • Gina Bonina "Daydreamer" - Problems Getting Wifi Signal??The best discovery for me was the "Reset" feature. I was really dissappointed with how it seemed like everytime I turned on the WIFI, I was unable to connect and had to take the back cover off and stick something into the "reset" hole. That was until I discovered the RESET OPTION located under Home, Menu, Settings and then Menu again. My entire Kindle experience has changed with that one little discovery. Since figuring that out, I have actually begun to use the WIFI for more than just purchasing material. The music sounds good too, however there's no way to get to the song you want to hear, everytime you turn on the music it starts from the very first song.