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  • PennyPincherJenny - Love the Leappad Ultra!! New Kid Favorite!Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of the LeapPad Ultra through a review program. The opinions expressed are my own. We own the Leapster Explorer and the first Leappad for comparison. This is based off my 8, 6, and 4 year olds experience with the Leappad Ultra
    The first thing about the Ultra i loved is the size!!! The screen is so much later then what we are used to on the Leapster Explorer or the first leappad. The graphics are right, sharp and clear! All three of my kids love to use the camera to record plays and songs they put on and gather around the screen to watch them!
    The battery being rechargeable is amazing. We have the battery packs for our Leapster explorers but our Leappad one never had that option, I would have to use Duracell rechargeable batteries and remove and reinsert them each time was quite a hassle with the case that was on it as well. It’s quick and easy to plug in and it seems the battery life lasts quite a while.
    My kids are in love with the improvement on the camera and the built in apps. My kids love singing the punctuation song and the other jingles!
    We probably won’t ever use the wifi but I love that I can turn the wifi off with a parent log in to control the kid’s ability to get on the internet on a screen they can’t get into!
    The best part is that the pen is attached to Leappad Ultra!!! I can’t count how many times we lost the pen on the first one however the ultra has its own pen compartment like the explorers do!
    We love this Ultra and the kids in our neighborhood that have played with it as well love it! It feels very much like a tablet and is great to use!
  • P. A. Toliver - Great Tablet and Great Value!I had been looking for a tablet for a couple of months and saw a promotion on HSN for a "GREAT" deal on this tab for $399 with 5 easy payments. What a bargain...I thought. I showed it to my son and he told me to go to Amazon and there it was...the same tablet for $299! He said never buy anything before going to Amazon first...and I should have known as a regular shopper, but not for technology products.

    This tablet is great! I have internet access, download applications I love...Easy to use too!
  • Sammie - Love the Product!This product does work and I'm very happy with the results. With a few tweaks to the directions (for me it worked better) it's easy to do, not time consuming, with successful end result. Using the tea to make the color look more natural worked great! I did discover that you really do need to get that liquid just about boiling in the microwave for successful results on the initial softening of the product and the other thing I found is that it worked better to let the tooth harden once it's in place in your mouth, rather than take it out and run it under cold water and then put it back in. That process really didn't work well for me because for one thing, it's easy to lose the shape trying to get it out and then the fact that the cold water made tooth swell some, I wasn't able to just pop it back into place as the instructions suggest. Besides that, when you take it back out after forming it in place, it was very difficult to keep from damaging the shape. I found just leaving it in place and allowing it to harden in there, works perfectly and the hardening process doesn't take but a few minutes at most. So far I am very happy with the product!
  • Mrs Nelson - Great program, user friendly, super for small business and a dream for Accountants!I have used QBooks for many years. I prefer to buy the new version at least 6 months after it is released because there are always bugs to work out. It's a great program, user friendly and very easy for an Accountant. I run a small business and have over 25 clients on the program. The 2013 version has some good improvements.
  • Connie Svaleson - The best weight loss plan! The only one that has ever workedI have tried every diet out there and nothing has ever worked, I would only gain weight. As a last effort I decided to try "The Plan" after hearing about it on Fox News. The first day I lost 3 lbs and my husband lost 5.
    It was a little "diffrent" getting used to some of the food but once we found them and started making them it was easy and we will continue with the ones we like.