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  • B. Tyler - A Must ReadI started this book on a Saturday and was finished by Monday night. It was different from any of his other books, I loved the story line. Ted Dekker ready knows how to get you hooked. I bought the book as soon as I read the excerpts and couldn't wait. Sometimes what you learn from the past, can help and improve your future.
  • Virginia Hale - Great energy!I researched before I purchased this. This product doesnt have any fillers, etc. It gives you energy. I've only lost 3 pounds so far, but I feel really good. I did try another product recommended by the salesman at GNC and it didn't do anything. It even made me feel worse. I'm on depression medications and have hypoglycemia, so I have to be careful. Just ordered my second bottle.
  • reamsa - Really does work!!Wow... I am super surprised by all the negative reviews. I went back home on vacation and my dad had actually bought it. The bottle is a decent size maybe my dad opt for the bigger size, but I seen it and asked him if it worked he said it really did. So he gave me the rest of the bottle and I have a MINI Cooper S. A little does really go a long way. 3drops did my fenders on one side. Probably took me 15drops to do all my fenders and grill and leather and dash and headlights which were super foggy but look new now. My car looks amazing. Seriously looks brand new. Most of these ppl are upset about the size of the bottle and dont rate what the actual product does. Since I didn't pay for it makes me even happier lol. Its worth it though with all the money ive wasted in armourall.