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  • amshortt - Great choice for your little princess!My daughter (3 1/2) got this for Christmas and she loves it!! She is young enough that she can "grow" into it, but not too young that she can't play with it on her own. It has already survived a few drops as well.

    The only suggestions I have is-
    1. Invest in the re-chargeable battery pack. Buying AA batteries for this thing is outrageous! They don't last long at all!
    2. Get a screen protector for it. I got an after-market one on ebay for super cheap. Little ones aren't careful with a touch screen.
    3. Headphones!!
  • Busyfamilyof4 - Great for your pocket while working or at clinicalsI am a nursing student in my final semester and I wish I had found this book long ago! It is perfect to fit in your pocket and carry with you throughout the day. It is not as detailed as a larger drug book, but it does the job and is great to carry with you throughout the day. I would highly recommend to any nurses, especially nursing students who are just learning about drugs.
  • cummins24v - 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Mopar Floor MatsI have these in my 2012 Jeep GC and love them. They truly are an exact fit and do not move around at all. The best part is that they are significantly cheaper than most aftermarket mats. If I had to have a complaint, it would be that the mat doesn't cover as much of the driver's left foot rest as I would like. It's nothing major and by no means is a deal breaker. I would buy these again without hesitation.
  • Michael Cadonic - Awesome - But I Don't Need Someone Else's Instruments - I Play My OwnI like using this software because of the skins. That makes it easy. I have more expensive software that I don't use because those programs are to hard on the eyes. This is about the easiest I've found so far. I do my own instruments. I don't even fool around with pre-recorded or sampled sounds unless I'm truly making a demo or something to pass along to my family only. So the instrument feature is about useless to me. I run my instruments and microphones through a Behringer USB mixer. I can do some pretty impressive work with this program that the more expensive programs do. I won't update this program for 2014 but if I end up having to upgrade to a newer computer (if they still make them) then I'll look at buying a newer version of this program. It won't be anything less than the 2015 version though. 2013 is just fine.
  • Bleys A. - Great motivatorWith the caveat: this book is intended, and it should be intended, for riders who already have all the necessary skills to trot and canter smoothly. The presentation is left-brained, with great step-by-step explanations. And in Jane Savoie, we get our own personal Olympic level coach, who motivates and encourages us to discipline our spirits and attitudes as well as our bodies.